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Double the value of your degree

Get the most out of your college investment by doubling the value of your degree. By redesigning our general education requirements, OLLU has made it easier for our students to double major or double minor in less time and at a lower cost than at other universities.

The advantage for students is that they have more possibilities to combine their passion with their purpose through double majors and double minors in just four years -- the same amount of time it takes to earn just one major elsewhere. 

By doing this, students are better prepared to take the next step into their graduate studies or their chosen career field. 

What does this mean for students?

Research suggests that by earning a double major or double minor students can make themselves more competitive when applying for jobs and graduate schools, extend their job market opportunities, position themselves to earn a higher salary in their lifetime and experience greater long-term career flexibility.

Where can a double major or double minor take you?

Depending on your career goals, you may be able to take your knowledge and skills straight into the workforce after graduation while others will proceed to graduate school. Either way, this opportunity to expand your fields of study sets a solid foundation for you to be successful in your endeavors.

Special note for transfer students

The double major, double minor initiative makes it easier for you to transfer more of your credits and have then count within your degree program.


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