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Title IX incident

The staff and faculty at Our Lady of the Lake University place a high commitment on the core values of Community, Integrity, Trust and Service, and it is our policy to provide an educational experience and workplace free of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, as well as gender based discrimination. Sexual misconduct is not tolerated at OLLU, and we have a responsibility to to address sexual misconduct in accordance with several federal laws including, but not limited to, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Clery Act and the Campus Save Act.

Complete Title IX Policy Report a Title IX Incident

Silent Witness Program

We live and work in a small community, and we all like the think of it as "home." While we would wish otherwise, it is often true that members of our extended family here on campus may cause problems for others. When crimes do occur on campus, several things can be said with absolute certainty of fact:

  • Since our campus is small, it is almost certain that someone has either seen the event take place or knows someone who did. 
  • There is a greater likelihood someone has heard or seen something or someone, which leads them to believe they were either involved or knows the persons who were.
  • Someone wishes to provide University Police with information but does not wish to be identified as the party providing the information.

To this end, we have provided a completely anonymous method of contacting University Policy Department to provide timely information. Whether you saw it, heard it, or heard about it, you may be able to assist us in resolving Campus Crime issues by providing us with information. You can complete the Silent Witness Form or you can call 210-431-4111.

Complete Silent Witness Form

Student Conduct Report

This form allows OLLU students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors and members of the community to report incidents online.

File a Student Conduct Report

Student Behavior Intervention Team

The OLLU Student Behavior Intervention Team's (SBIT) mission is to work collaboratively to protect, as much as possible, the health, safety and welfare of our students and the members of the university community.

The purpose of the SBIT is to receive and review the information regarding behavioral incidents and to ensure a thoughtful, well-coordinated university response to them. Specifically, the charge for this team is to:

  1. Assess situations involving students who pose a potential risk of harm to persons or property in the university community or are of substantial disruption to university activities in accordance with policies stated in the Student Code of Conduct;
  2. Consult with faculty, staff and other students affected by the behaviors of concern;
  3. Coordinate the university response to violent, threatening or potentially dangerous students;
  4. Develop a specific strategy to manage the threatening or potentially dangerous behavior and to minimize the potential threat to the university community; and
  5.  Make recommendations to responsible university officials on appropriate action consistent with university policy, procedures as well as state and federal laws. 

Concerns regarding the behavior of a faculty or staff member should be directed to the Human Resources Office at 210-431-3970.

What to report

Here are the types of behaviors/situation you can report to the SBIT:

  • Self-harming behaviors
  • Disruptive behaviors
  • Instability
  • Erratic behaviors (including online activity)
  • When someone is threatening to harm others
  • When you hear or read statements that are alarming (including those from online sources or academic essays)
  • When a student has not been seen or heard from for a period of time that out of the ordinary
  • When someone is talking about committing suicide
  • When someone has attempted suicide
  • When someone seems to be boiling under the surface
  • When someone is not respecting boundaries (i.e., stalking, inappropriate communication)

If this is an emergency of if a crime has occurred, please contact the OLLU Police Department at 210-433-0911 or call 911. If you're not sure whether this is an emergency or not, do not take any chances. Call the police. They can help you assess the situation.

Notifying the team about students of concern

The SBIT depends on community members to help keep the community safe. Staff, faculty and students are asked to bring concerns to the attention of the team. Faculty, staff and students can alert us of concerns by:

*Reports can be submitted anonymously.

Team Members

SBIT core team members include:

  • Rosalinda Garcia, Vice President for Administration
  • Dr. George Williams, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Ramon Zertuche, Chief of Police
  • Robert Munoz, Police Lieutenant
  • Jackie Coppock, Director of Counseling Services
  • Victor Salazar, Director of Residence Life
  • Dr. Maureen Cuevas, Professor of Social Work
  • Dr. Deborah Healy, Faculty Representative
  • Nicole Monsibais, Compliance Officer
  • Janet Hupel, Director of Accessibility Services

The core team is porous. University officials who are involved in a case may be invited to attend and participate in SBIT meetings.

How the SBIT works

The team meet bi-monthly. In time-sensitive, high-risk situations, special team meetings are called. Any member of the University community may request a team meeting for the purpose of evaluating a student's situation.

When concerns are brought to the SBIT, the team will meet with the concerned members of the University community to discuss the situation. The team will assess the situation, guided by a Threat Assessment Rubric, and will develop a coordinated response strategy. The SBIT will provide individuals involved in each case with information as is necessary to protect the health, safety, and privacy of the student or other person in accordance with applicable legal and professional standards of confidentiality, including the release of information pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act and access to student records pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

All cases will be treated professionally, confidentially and with the utmost care and respect.

Submit a Behavioral Concerns Report


Campus Security Authority (Clery Act Crime) Reporting

Campus Security Authority (CSA) is a term that is specific to the Clery Act and includes four categories of individuals within a college campus who are trained to receive and report incidents that may be covered under the Clery Act and the Violence Against Women Act. At OLLU, CSAs are trained annually about the importance of reporting, the process for reporting and the types of crimes that fall within the Clery Act and VAWA amendments. 

The four groups include:
Members of the University Police Department.
Staff members who are responsible for campus security but are not police officers such as campus security officers.
Individuals who the university designates as someone who should report a crime.
Faculty and staff members who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities which includes, but is not limited to, Director of Housing/Residential Life, Resident Assistants, Athletic Directors, Directors of Greek Life and Advisers to student groups, among others.

Campus Security Authority Reporting Forms (Clery Act Crime Reporting)

CSA Reporting Form
CSA Reporting Form Sex Offenses
CSA Reporting Form for Faculty/Staff Led Trips


Employee Conduct Concerns

Concerns related to employee conduct should be reported to the OLLU Human Resources Office. Please email -