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Student Handbook

Dear OLLU Saint or Future OLLU Saint! 

Whether you are a new or continuing student, you are an important part of the OLLU community, what we call Providence Country. I am honored to serve as your Vice President for Student Affairs and focus my leadership on your student development; assisting you to maximize your potential while pursuing your educational goals. I encourage you to explore and embrace the rich opportunities presented to you, both inside the classroom and out. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to helping you to grow and develop. We are also here for you if you encounter an unexpected obstacle along the way. 

Our Lady of the Lake University’s (OLLU) Student Handbook is the official resource that defines our expectations for student life. These are the policies, procedures, and practices that allow us to collaboratively work alongside each other, to respectfully respond to conflicts with one another, and to resolve violations of our Code of Conduct in ways that emphasize learning and personal accountability.

Please review the OLLU Student Handbook which is designed to provide you with useful information pertaining to all your campus affairs and activities. Study the policies, procedures, and statements to ensure that you understand your responsibilities, privileges, and rights as an OLLU student.

We look forward to supporting your academic and personal success at OLLU! 

George A. Williams, Jr., PhD                                                                                                                                    
Vice President for Student Affairs                                                                                                          
Assistant Professor

The Scope of the Student Handbook

OLLU policies and procedures apply to all students in San Antonio, Houston, Rio Grande Valley and Online.

Download the Student Handbook