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OLLU Alert


This is the information page for the OLLU Emergency Alert System (OLLU Alert). In the event of a campus weather or public safety emergency, the OLLU Emergency Alert System will be activated.

The OLLU Alert System uses voice, text and/or email messages to alert the OLLU community in the event of an emergency. Messages are sent to cell phones, home phones, university phones/speakers and/or email addresses.


In extremely time-sensitive emergencies, prerecorded messages will be sent out to alert the community that an emergency situation is taking place. The prerecorded messages allow for the fastest activation of the OLLU Alert System. A prerecorded message will be followed by additional messaging when information is available.

Prerecorded messages fall into three categories:

Public Safety Emergency

This prerecorded message could be activated for a variety of emergencies including threats from individuals or other situations that might endanger the community.

Weather Emergency

This prerecorded message would be activated in the event of a rapidly approaching weather-related threat.

Active Shooter

This prerecorded message would be activated if shots were fired on campus.

Follow-up messages

  • OLLU social media
  • OLLU email system
  • OLLU campus phones and speakers
  • Updates to this web page
  • Additional messages through the OLLU Emergency Alert System -- voice, text and email

Keep your contact information updated

If you change your phone numbers during a semester, please provide updated information to the university.

Cell Phone Number

You can update the cell phone number where you receive text messages in Self-Service under "User Options" and "About You." In the "Phone Number" section, ensure that you select "OLLU Emergency Alert Text #" as the Type next to your cell phone number. Visit the ITS New and Information site on SharePoint (login required) for step-by-step instructions on updating your cell phone number. If the system does not allow you to make updates to your cell phone number, contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance at

Home Phone Number 

To update a home phone number where you receive voice messages, please contact the appropriate office:

Registrar’s Office

Human Resources Office

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Office

If you would like to opt out of the Alert System text messaging, visit the Contact Information Update page online. The Contact Information Update form allows you to opt out of text messaging, but you will still receive voice and email messages. OLLU email addresses cannot unsubscribe from this system.

Periodic Testing

OLLU will periodically test the OLLU Alert System to assure it is working properly.  The test message will clearly state that we are conducting a test.