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Transfer Student Services

The Transfer Student Services Office provides services to all incoming and current transfer students. Staff facilitate each transfer student's transition to OLLU by connecting them to support services on campus, as well as offering a variety of academic and social programming.

Services Provided

Include the following:

  • Advising: Counsel transfer students by helping them understand the general education requirements, select and pursue a course of study, and create a success plan. Assist with course selection and registration procedures. Additionally, we help students gain academic skills that will empower them to make informed decisions in creating their plans to achieve academic, career and life goals.
  • Degree audits: Analyze degree requirements and courses taken to determine classes needed as well as a timeline for completion.
  • Unofficial transcript evaluations: Examination of transcripts to ensure all transferrable courses are credited.
  • Workshops/seminars: Topics include time management, test anxiety, note taking, study skills and stress management.
  • Social events: Examples of events include commuter breakfast, luncheons and ice cream socials.
  • Advocate: Transfer services are available through graduation to assist students with any issues or concerns that may arise.

Helpful Links and Resources

Contact Information

Location: Moye Hall, Lower Level
Phone: 210-528-7162