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Readmission to OLLU

Students who have not attended OLLU in more than a year must apply for readmission by submitting an application for admission. Any student whose program is interrupted by an absence of one year or more will incur the obligation of meeting changed requirements as printed in the current catalog. It must be clearly understood that readmission into OLLU does not constitute admission to a specific degree program. Some degree programs have additional admission requirements.

Readmission Requirements

  • Completed Undergraduate Application 
  • Transcripts from all schools attended since last attending OLLU
  • A personal statement that must include:
    • Explanations of previous academic performance
    • Your academic goals if you are re-admitted back into OLLU
    • List of institutions attended since leaving OLLU with institution addresses
    • Reason for leaving OLLU
    • 100 word minimum

Note for students on Enforced Scholastic Withdrawal (ESW):

  • Students must remain out of school two terms (not including summer).
  • Readmission is not available after three periods of Enforced Scholastic Withdrawal.