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SOAR Kinesiology Summer Program

The four-day SOAR Kinesiology Summer Program helps incoming freshmen transition to college by making friends, understanding new expectations, and feeling part of the OLLU family. Supported by mentors and faculty, students will be prepared and ready to SOAR from day one. 

August 11-14, 2024

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About SOAR


The four-day SOAR Kinesiology Summer Program provides the opportunity for incoming freshman students to kickstart their academic journey within Kinesiology. The transition from high school to college can be very exciting and at the same time very difficult for some. The SOAR program allows students to make new friends, help understand their new expectations, and feel part of the OLLU family from their first day on campus. With the support of student mentors and knowledgeable faculty and staff, the SOAR Kinesiology Summer program will have students prepared and ready to SOAR from day one! 

Program Details


  • Living, Learning Community: Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded peers. Participate in discussions, collaborate on projects, and build lasting friendships. 
  • Peer and Faculty Mentoring: Receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors and faculty members dedicated to your success. Get academic advising and career support tailored to your goals. 
  • Certifications: Earn First Aid/CPR/AED and Mental Health First Aid certifications before classes start. These certifications enhance your resume and show your commitment to excellence. 
  • Free Room and Board: Enjoy on-campus housing and meals during participation in the summer program. Get settled early and experience campus life firsthand. 


  • Getting to know the campus: From the library to the building most of your Kinesiology classes will be in, students will get a better understanding of their new “home”. 
  • Learning about the Kinesiology Program: Professors from the Kinesiology Program will not only introduce themselves but give students a better idea about their expectations from day one. Students will also gain a better understanding of what being a Kinesiology student at OLLU is all about. 
  • Certifications: The two certifications that students earb during their time in the SOAR program are intended to help students gain employment either on or off campus. Students will also learn about other certification opportunities within the first semester that they are enrolled.  
  • Fun Physical Activities: Students get the chance to get out of the classroom and moving with fun physical activities like Zumba and Pickleball. These classes also educate students of potential job opportunities on campus.  
  • Social Events: Each evening the program will conclude with a fun social event that brings the students from the SOAR program together with other programs on campus, allowing for even more community building.  


Who is Eligible? 
Enrollment into the SOAR Kinesiology Summer Program is open to all incoming freshman who have designated one of the Kinesiology pathways as their major AND have made the initial deposit for registration. SPOTS ARE LIMITED AND ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS.  

Registration Deadline - July 1
Registration deadline for student participation in the SOAR Kinesiology Summer Program is July 1.

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PLEASE NOTE! Prior to attending SOAR, you must have a complete admissions packet including final high school transcript and proof of a meningitis vaccine.