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Transfer Student Profiles

Jake Ledesma
Current OLLU Social Work Student, Psychology Minor
Transfer from Palo Alto College

Jake Ledesma

When Jake Ledesma looks at the distinguished alumni and professors of OLLU, he sees people like himself.

“OLLU is reshaping my perception by allowing me to look up to these leaders and see that they look like me. They talk Spanish; they understand the Hispanic/Latinx culture and make me feel as if I can reach my fullest potential,” says Jake “It is a diverse leadership panel mixed with different races, genders and cultures. This education is the most important because I will be able to work with a diverse population. After all, I am being taught by diversity, which is an accurate representation of my community.”

Jake selected OLLU because of the outstanding social work program.

“Our Lady of the Lake University is teaching me my future practice. The diverse faculty brings a unique perspective of the field. Each is highlighting their way of how they work in their area. Policymakers, change-makers, activists, doctors, social workers, psychologists, statisticians, and many more have all played an integral role in the shaping of the curriculum with which I am being gifted,” says Jake.

The beautiful and historic buildings of OLLU are another attraction for Jake.

“I like the history and architecture. This is a crucial characteristic to discuss because the environment is so inspiring, calming and vibrant. When I walk down the halls of the Main Building, I see the floors that are older than me. I think about the leaders who have walked on these same beautiful floors. When I walk up the stairs and touch wood handrails and smell the wood, it wakes me up and calms me as I walk to class. The beautiful architecture is a symbol of what we can create with our thoughts.”

Shariany Rodriguez
2019 OLLU Social Work Graduate
Transfer from Northwest Vista College

Shariany Rodriguez
After completing an associate’s degree at Northwest Vista College, Shariany Rodriguez made the move to OLLU to complete a bachelor’s degree in social work. “I liked the environment, the class sizes, that it is a Catholic university, and the library,” says Shariany. The May 2019 graduate says she received support from throughout the university to reach her educational goals.

“OLLU helped me by always being supportive, from the advisers, to University Chaplain Father Kevin, and all my professors,” she says.

Shariany is now putting her Northwest Vista and OLLU education to work. She is a mental health provider for San Antonio youth in foster care and probation.





Jose Neri
Current OLLU Interdisciplinary Studies Major pursuing certification in EC-6 ESL, Mathematics Minor
Transfer from St. Phillip’s College

Jose Neri
After completing an associate’s degree at St. Philip’s College, Jose Neri transferred to OLLU in his pursuit to become an elementary school teacher. After researching universities, OLLU’s partnership with Raise Your Hand Texas for the Raising Texas Teachers program solidified his decision.

In addition to the Raising Texas Teachers scholarship, Jose has benefited from Endowed Scholarships and the Wings Up Summer Tuition Grant, which allows juniors and seniors to take tuition-free summer courses.

Jose notes that the personal connections he has developed with faculty and the experiential learning in his courses have been critical to his success. “I like that I was able to begin getting experience as soon as I started classes at OLLU,” says Jose, noting that his observation courses began as soon as he transferred to OLLU in fall 2018. “Being out in the field early allows us to build connections with potential employers.”

At OLLU, Jose found the campus environment and the ability to express his spirituality especially welcoming.