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Lunch and Learn Speaker Series

Lab tech looking through microscopeFree online series featuring OLLU School of Business and Leadership Faculty

Covering crucial business topics including:

  • Data Analytics
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Supply Chain
  • Effective Communication


Presentations will take place via WebEx during the Noon-1 p.m. (CST) lunch hour.


Wednesday, April 7 – Noon (CST)

What Does the GameStop Meltdown Have to Teach Us?  Valuing Financial Assets

Presenter: Osman Nal, PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance

Session Description:
The GameStop frenzy can tell us many things about animal spirits and how volatile the markets can be.  But, in a rational world, how should we be valuing financial securities?  Do we stand a chance to beat the market in a world with seemingly no arbitrage opportunities?  This session will go to the basics and address the meaning of arbitrage and how to create synthetic financial securities. The presentation will cover how to benefit when there is mispricing of a financial security and will share a few fun trading strategies based on timeless mathematical ideas. 

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Wednesday, April 14 – Noon (CST)

No Planet B: Sustainability in Business

Presenter: Iman Ghalehkhondabi, PhD, Assistant Professor of Management 

Session Description:
Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. A sustainable business, or a green business, is an enterprise that has minimal negative impact or potentially a positive effect on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy. In this session, the importance of sustainable behavior in our daily life and business environment will be addressed. The presenter will share simple practices that will help save our one and only Planet Earth.

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Thursday, April 27 – Noon (CST)

The Five Fatal Mistakes and Nine Secrets to Successful Negotiations

Presenter: Bruce Rosenthal, PhD, OLLU Dean of Graduate Studies

Session Description:
Negotiation skills are essential for anyone in the business world. This session will help you avoid fatal negotiation pitfalls and help you hone and sharpen your skills.

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Wednesday, May 12 – Noon (CST)

Getting Business Done in the Post-COVID-19 World: Strategies for Supply Chain

Presenter: Reza Maihami, PhD, Assistant Professor of Management

Session Description:
Outsourcing is a common practice in supply chain management – clearly there are advantages to doing it. However, the COVID 19 pandemic has shown that there are some significant adverse impacts of outsourcing that could damage the entire supply chain operation. This session will help decision makers select the appropriate supply chain strategies for their organizations.

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Thursday, May 20 – Noon (CST)

Getting Your Point Across: Making Effective Presentations

Presenter: Bruce Rosenthal, PhD, OLLU Dean of Graduate Studies

Session Description:
We all have to make presentations regularly – we have to present our ideas, our solutions, our strategies, descriptions of our performance, the unit’s performance, etc. When you do presentations are you truly getting your point across? Are you engaging your audience or are they sitting there wishing that you would just stop and sit down? After you attend this session, your presentations will engage your audience and excite them.  You *will* get your point across – in the best possible manner!

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Wednesday, May 26 – Noon (CST)

Reshaping Health Care: Can Data Analytics Transform the Way We Deliver Health Care?

Presenter: Gultekin Gollu, PhD, Assistant Professor of Economics

Session Description: 
Big data and data analytics are inevitable parts of our lives. But, how can data analytics help health care providers? Reduce inefficiencies and costs? Improve health outcomes? Improve population health? What are ethical discussions about the use of data analytics in health care? This session will introduce various ways health care providers can use data analytics and discuss how this trend can possibly reshape health care delivery in the U.S. 

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