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Consumer Information

This page has been created to fulfill OLLU's compliance with the disclosure requirements under Title IV, Title IX and other areas of state and federal law. Title IV requires institutions participating in financial aid programs to disclose specified information to all prospective students, applicants, employees and current students. Title IX requires disclosure of information about the University Title IX Officer and Title IX policy information.

The following information is disclosed in compliance with federal law. For additional information, please call or email the appropriate office or visit the indicated websites.

General University Information

Financial Aid Information, Policies and Regulations

For more information on Financial Aid and related polices, contact:
Esmeralda Flores, Director of Financial Aid
Financial Aid Office Staff

Health and Safety

Information/Technology Policies

Student Outcomes


Teacher Preparation

Voter Registration

Criminal History and Occupational License Notice

The following is information for students who pursue a program that prepares them for an occupational license.

It is required in the State of Texas as per HB 1508 and the Texas Occupations Code 50.001, to notify students enrolled in or applying for admission to a program that may prepare an individual for an occupational license under Texas Occupations Code 58.001 and/or if you later decide to change to a program that prepares you for an occupational license as defined under Texas Occupations Code 58.001, that:

An individual who has been convicted of an offense may be ineligible for issuance of an occupational license upon completion of the educational program:

  1. Each licensing authority may issues an occupational license to an individual who completes an education program must establish guidelines which state the reasons a particular crime is considered to relate to a particular license and any other criterion that affects the decisions of the licensing authority (note: a "licensing authority" is a state agency or political subdivision that issues an occupational license such as the Texas Education Agency (TEA).
  2. Local or county licensing authorities may issue additional guidelines that relate to criminal history. Applicants should contact their respective local or county licensing authority for more details.
  3. A person may request a criminal history evaluation letter regarding the personal eligibility for a license issued by a licensing authority under Texas Occupation Code 53.102.

Applicants are encouraged to review all applicable eligibility requirements related to the respective occupational license. Questions related to eligibility requirements should be directed to the applicable licensing authority. 

Annual Notice

OLLU is required by federal law to distribute or make available certain consumer information to current students, current employees, prospective students, and prospective employees. The notice linked below is distributed by email to the university community in September. In addition, it is shared through the Lake Weekly newsletter. It provides a brief summary of information on this site and the OLLU consumer information disclosures and other notifications required by law. 


Our Lady of the Lake University is fully committed to compliance with the applicable regulations and to providing disclosure and student consumer information. For any questions about the disclosures or consumer information posted on this page you may contact OLLU Compliance Officer Nicole Monsibais at