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Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Office is committed to diversity and a campus culture of inclusion that is necessary for a rich learning environment and essential in preparing students to work, live and contribute to an increasingly complex society. The office provides reasonable accommodations to ensure students with disabilities can participate in and benefit from all of our campus, programs and activities.

Our Mission

The Accessibility Services Office strives to empower students with disabilities to gain success in and access to their educational, professional and personal opportunities afforded with the skills of self-reliance and self-advocacy on campus and in the community.

Eligibility and Documentation

To qualify for services, students must provide appropriate documentation of a disability at the time services and/or accommodations are requested and schedule an appointment with the Accessibility Services Office. The documentation should verify that the student's condition meets the definition of an individual with a disability as defined by applicable laws (i.e., Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the ADA Amendments of 2008).

The Accessibility Services Office collaborates closely with students and appropriate faculty, staff and administrators to ensure reasonable accommodations are tailored to each student's needs on a case-by-case basis. The Accessibility Services Office is available to assist in implementation or appropriateness of accommodations based on course goals and objectives.

Upon completion of the verification process, the office will provide a letter that lists the services and accommodations that are deemed reasonable. This letter is distributed to the student, the relevant campus offices that provide services and the professors who teach the student's courses.

Prospective OLLU Students

The Accessibility Services Office only provides academic accommodations and other related services to enrolled students. Thus, we are happy to answer general questions about our services. Prospective students should not send any disability documentation to the office or any other university department during the application process. Disability documentation should only be submitted to the Accessibility Services Office after you have been admitted to the university.

Current OLLU Students

The Accessibility Services Office utilizes the Symplicity Accommodate database system to track, approve and deliver accommodation letter and services.

For more information, including current Accessibility Services guidelines and forms, visit the Accessibility Services Portal Page .



In accordance with the requirements of the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Accessibility Services Office protects each students’ right to privacy by limiting access to disability records pertaining to the provision of services and accommodations. Students may authorize other people to have access to materials in their file only by signing a release form. Our Lady of the Lake University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities.

Temporary Impairments and Health Conditions Policy

Accommodations for students with temporary health conditions are provided as a service by OLLU rather than a legal obligation by the Accessibility Services Office. Some requests for academic accommodations due to temporary impairments or health conditions (i.e. hospitalization, long term illness, etc.), will require a referral to the Office of Academic Affairs for further consideration and approval.

Pregnant students and others seeking accommodations due to temporary conditions are encouraged to seek assistance through the Accessibility Services Office for accommodations as quickly as possible. Some options and accommodations cannot be retroactively applied.

Temporary Mobility Impairments

The Accessibility Services Office and OLLU do not provide assistance to students with temporary mobility impairments such as building-to-building transportation, the transport of books or other personal items. Wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices are considered personal devices and are not provided by the Accessibility Services Office.

OLLU does not issue disabled parking placards. Students who are interested in obtaining disabled parking placards and/or plates may apply through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Students may contact the Accessibility Services Office to inquire about other available campus and community resources.

Pregnant and Parenting Students

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination in educational programs and activities on the basis of sex--including pregnancy, parenting and all related conditions -- in educational programs and activities that receive federal funding. Title IX requires professors and administrators to excuse absences for pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions and to otherwise provide accommodations in the same manner and under the same policies as any other temporary impairments or medical conditions. OLLU will not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, including a student's pregnancy, childbirth, or those who are already raising children (see our Nondiscrimination Policy at Our goal at OLLU is to ensure that students are able to work successfully toward completion of their degree. We provide equal access to educational programs and activities for students who might be, are, or have been, pregnant. Students who are currently pregnant and/or parenting, and who are in need of assistance with temporary accommodations, should contact the Accessibility Services Office.

Documentation Guidelines

Accommodations for a temporary impairment or health condition are evaluation on case-by-case basis and are based upon professional medical documentation provided by the student. The Accessibility Services Office will accept and review documentation supporting a request for an accommodation based on a temporary impairment or health condition from a certified, licensed or professional whose training is commonly accepted for establishing a specific diagnosis. The documentation should include:

  • the type of condition
  • severity of the condition
  • limitations
  • prognosis
  • estimated duration of the impairment or condition

It is also helpful to know any adverse side effects caused by medication and recommendations for accommodations. Additional documentation may be requested to verify the need for continued services after the estimated duration of the condition has expired. In situations where services are needed immediately but documentation may not yet be available, the Accessibility Services Office will make every effort to work with the student to provide reasonable accommodations. 

University Nondiscrimination Policy

Our Lady of the Lake University will not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, student in our educational programs or activities or applicant for admission on the basis of race, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, citizenship status, disability, age, marital status, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, veteran or military status (including disabled veterans, Vietnam-era veterans or recently separated veterans), predisposing genetic characteristics, domestic violence victim status, or any other protected category under applicable local, state and federal laws, including protections for those opposing discrimination or participating in any allegation process on campus or within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or other human rights agencies.