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Meningitis Vaccine Requirement

Texas State law (SB 62) mandates that all entering students under the age of 22 provide a certificate signed by a health care provider or an official immunization record verifying that a student has been vaccinated against bacterial meningitis, or has received a booster during the five years preceding admission to the University. 

The Meningitis Policy requires all students entering OLLU to complete and have a Bacterial Meningitis Verification/Education Form on file. Be sure to upload the information in your online application:

If you are unable to upload your form, please mail, fax or drop off in person to:
Our Lady of the Lake University
Health Education Resource Office
411 S.W. 24th Street
San Antonio, TX 78207 
Fax: 210-431-4091

Visit the National Meningitis Association website for more information.

Approved Meningococcal Vaccines

The meningitis college entry requirement of the Texas Administrative Code states that students must receive a "bacterial meningitis vaccination: meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MenACWY) or meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (MPSV4).  Both vaccines, MenACWY and MPSV4, protect against the same four strains of bacterial meningitis (A, C, W and Y). 

Persons who received a meningococcal vaccination more than five years prior to their first day of class as a new student at OLLU must receive a booster dose.  Studies have shown that protection from the vaccines diminishes significantly after five years.

Students from other countries who can’t get the required bacterial meningitis vaccination should confirm with their doctor that their vaccine is equivalent and protects against the A, C, Y and W-135 strains of the disease. Otherwise, the student will be required to get another vaccination.

NOTE: Although sometimes recommended, the new Meningococcal Group B (MenB) vaccines (Trumenba and Bexsero), which only protect against one strain (B), do NOT meet the requirement.  Incoming students should consult a physician or medical practitioner to determine the optimum vaccination protocol for their individual needs. It is important to note that vaccinations for MenACWY and MenB are not interchangeable. MenB vaccines do not provide protection for MenACWY strains, and MenACWY vaccines do not provide protection for MenB strains.