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Freshman Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

To be considered a competitive for undergraduate admission to OLLU, we recommend students successfully complete (with a GPA of 2.5) , or be in the process of completing, the following curriculum or its equivalent.  Students who apply without this curriculum will go through our review process.

  • 4 credits of English
    Including: English I, II, III and IV
  • 3-4 credits of Math
    Including: algebra I and II, geometry and advanced math courses such as pre-calculus, calculus and statistics
  • 3-4 credits of Science
    Including: biology, chemistry and two advanced sciences such as physics, environmental science, anatomy and physiology; integrated physics and chemistry (IPC) is acceptable if taken between biology and chemistry
  • 2-3 credits of Social Studies
    Including: world/human geography or world history, U.S. history since 1877, U.S. government (half credit) and economics (half credit)
  • 2 credits of Foreign Language
    Recommended that these be in the same language but can be in different language

ACT and SAT Information

(OLLU’s admission process is currently  test-blind. Admission tests are no longer required)

ACT - For ACT dates and times and locations, visit . OLLU’s ACT Code – 4140

SAT - For SAT dates, times and locations, visit . OLLU’s SAT code – 6550

Applicant Review

Students who do not meet the 2.5 grade point average standard will be invited to OLLU’s Deferred Admission Program. 

Deferred Admission Program

Students who are denied admission are eligible for OLLU’s Deferred Admission Program (DAP). This invitation-only program is intended for applicants who were denied freshman admission, but upon successful completion, of the DAP can be considered a “transfer” student.

The DAP is designed to introduce you to the demands of college-level studies, bolster your study skills, and establish a baseline college GPA.  Successful completion of the program with an acceptable GPA will qualify you for an OLLU academic scholarship.

Rolling Admissions Policy

OLLU operates on a rolling admissions policy, which means our deadlines are intended as Priority Dates. Applications are accepted throughout the year and admissions decisions are made shortly after all materials have been data entered.

In spite of this policy, we strongly suggest applying early to stay ahead of deadlines for financial aid, housing, course registration, and orientation.   Prospective freshmen are encouraged to apply by May 1 for the fall semester and November 15 for spring.

Fall Semester 

  • Oct 15 – Priority Admission
    Students who complete their application by Oct. 15 will receive an admission decision on/ around November 1.
  • May 1 – Regular Decision
    Students who apply after Oct 15 will receive a decision on a rolling basis until July.
  • Aug. 1 – Final Deadline
    Applications will continue to be accepted on a space-available basis.

Spring Semester

  • Sept. 1 – Priority Admission
  • Nov. 15 – Rolling Admission
    Applications will continue to be accepted on a space-available basis.