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At the Mary Francine Danis Writing Center (MFDWC), the professional consultants assist writers at all stages in the writing process from interpreting assignments, brainstorming, and focusing, to organizing, determining tone, and creating clarity. The MFDWC offers the OLLU community a safe place for exploring ideas, developing a personal writing process, revising papers, learning about academic honesty and improving writing skills in diverse formats and genres.

Writing Consultants at the MFDWC are professional staff members who hold bachelor's and/or master's degrees and participate in professional development. Consultants help writers learn about and develop their personal writing process and discuss with writers strategies for improving their writing. The MFDWC aims to develop confident, responsible writers and to cultivate excellence in writing across all academic disciplines. The MFDWC provides professional development, tutoring and space for individuals to work and for groups of writers to collaborate.

Consultants are available in person, over the phone, or through an online chat.