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Math and Tutoring Center

Math Center

The Math Center's primary aim is to make math accessible and interesting for students. Recommended by mathematics faculty, the math peer tutors participate in tutor training that includes studying tutor pedagogies, learning styles and study strategies. The math peer tutors assist students with studying course materials, reviewing concepts and notes, and discovering personal learning styles, so they can successfully and independently complete homework and coursework.

Math Supplemental Instruction (SI) assists students through regularly-scheduled, informal study sessions. All SI sessions are highly interactive and integrate course content and foundational skills with study strategies. Peer SI leaders facilitate the sessions. The SI leaders have successfully completed their first-year math course, participate in ongoing SI training, and attend class lectures, take notes and model good student habits.

Peer Tutoring Center

At the Peer Tutoring Center, peer tutors in specific courses help students study course materials, review concepts and notes, and discover personal learning styles. Peer tutors are recommended by faculty for their high performances in the courses they tutor and participate in tutor training that includes studying tutor pedogogies, learning styles and study strategies. Tutoring is available by appointment. 

Smart Thinking

If students cannot find the right course or time to meeting with OLLU consultants or peer tutors, they may opt to use our online tutorials through the online platform Smarthinking. Smarthinking offers online tutorials in a variety of subject areas, such as mathematics, accounting, biology, chemistry, physics, and writing. A link is located in the student portal.