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Safety Awareness

Students and employees can take several steps in protecting themselves from crime. Most crimes occur because there was an opportunity for them to happen. For example, crimes of theft are largely random or calculated and occur because, for example, a laptop computer or backpack was left unattended. Crime prevention requires being alert and prepared.

Safety Tips

Follow these safety tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime:

  • Keep emergency numbers near, or programmed, on the telephone. Report suspicious persons and activity, thefts and other criminal activity to the OLLU Police Department immediately.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and convey confidence through body language. Have keys ready upon entering a vehicle, residence hall or office building.
  • Walk in well-lit areas. If possible, walk in pairs, especially at night or in areas with limited visibility. Trust your instincts if you suspect you are being followed. Change directions or head for a campus-building, group of people or emergency call box.
  • If a driver stops and asks you for directions keep your distance from the vehicle to avoid the risk of being pulled inside.
  • Lessen the chance of date rape---know your date, avoid excessive alcohol consumption and secluded places.
  • Avoid car theft by:
    • Never leaving keys in the ignition of an unattended vehicle.
    • Locking doors, rolling up windows, closing the top of convertible vehicles and utilizing an anti-theft device.
    • Parking the vehicle in well-lit areas at night.
  • In Residence Halls
  • Never prop open room doors or any residence hall door
  • Report any maintenance deficiencies immediately
  • Do not admit unauthorized/uninvited persons into a residence hall
  • Keep valuables out of sight and locked in a box or closet
  • Keep your door locked at all times
  • In Work Buildings and Offices
  • Never prop open an exterior door to your work building
  • If entering a locked building, make sure it closes and locks behind you
  • Contact the OLLU Police Department if something in your office/work building doesn't seem right or causes you to be suspicious.
  • Never give out information about yourself to strangers on the phone.
  • Do not carry or display large sums of money.
  • Be aware of how you carry your purse, backpack, or other valuable items (i.e. laptop computers, etc.).
  • Do Not Leave Valuable Items Unattended
  • Be familiar with emergency call boxes and courtesy telephones on campus and their locations.
  • Use the safety escort service sponsored by the OLLU Police Department.
  • Mark valuable property with an engraver to increase your chances of recovering the property if it is stolen.

Immediately report suspicious activity or hazardous conditions to OLLU Police Department. Ask an OLLU Police officer for more personal and property safety tips. They are happy to address any questions or concerns that you have about safety in the residence halls and academic and administrative buildings. The OLLU Police Department officers can be contacted at ext. 4022 from an on-campus phone.