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Public Information Requests

Under the Texas Education Code 51.212 subsection (f) information relating solely to law enforcement activities of a campus police department are subject to the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code (the “PIA”).

Records Request Procedures

In responding to open records requests for public information, (i.e. information relating solely to law enforcement activities), Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) is committed to providing customer friendly service and processing all requests pursuant to the PIA. Information solely relating to law enforcement activities is public unless it is confidential by law and/or falls within an exception to the PIA. 

OLLU will respond to a request for information within 10 business days. OLLU Police Department PIA office is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and is closed on all days the university administrative offices are closed. Any emails received after 5 p.m. will be deemed to have been received the following business day.

Where to send your requests

Requests for information relating solely to law enforcement activities can be mailed, hand-delivered, faxed, or sent by electronic mail. Electronic mail or facsimile requests must be sent to the electronic address and/or fax number listed below.

  • Fax: 210-431-4067
  • Email:
  • Mail: If you are mailing your request, please address the envelope to “Open Records” and send to the address: Our Lady of the Lake University Police Department, 411 S.W. 24th Street, San Antonio, Texas 78207.

Note: Transcript requests are not included under Public Information requests. If you need a transcript, please contact the OLLU Registrar's Office at 210-431-3959.

What your request should include

Requests for records relating solely to law enforcement activities under the PIA must be in writing. Including the following information in your request will help ensure that your request is processed timely and accurately:

  • Your name and mailing address (so we can send you a response)
  • Your phone number (so we can contact you if we have questions about how to respond to your request); and a list or description of the specific law enforcement information you are interested in, including time periods. Please include enough description and detail about the information you are requesting to enable us to accurately identify and locate the information requested.

Sample of a Written Request for Information

Under the Texas Education Code 51.212 subsection (f) and the Texas Public Information Act, I request access to ______ copies of Case Report Number # ____________ [or copies of] _____________________________ Include the name of the document or the type of information. You may also request the information in a particular format (for example: a paper copy or digital format, subject to the terms, including the cost provisions, of the PIA). Please provide the information to me at __________________________________________.

Cost and Billing Information

  • Charges for copies of public information are set by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas – Open Records Division. Detailed information regarding the various charges can be found on the Attorney General’s website at .
  • If the charge for fulfilling your request exceeds $40, OLLU will provide you with an itemized written estimate of the charges and indicate if a less costly alternative is available. You must respond in writing within 10 business days after the estimate is sent that you will accept the costs, or that you desire any stated alternative, or your request will be considered withdrawn.
  • If the estimated charge is more than $100, the University will generally require a prepaid deposit or bond before providing the information. Also, if you have an unpaid balance of more than $100 relating to previous requests, a prepaid deposit or bond will be required and all unpaid balances relating to the previous requests must be paid before your new request will be processed.

All charges must be paid by check payable to Our Lady of the Lake University. Checks should be sent to:
Our Lady of the Lake University
c/o University Police Chief Ramon Zertuche
411 S.W. 24th Street
San Antonio, Texas 78207

Some of the information maintained by OLLU may be confidential and not subject to public disclosure under the Texas Education Code 51.212 subsection (f) and the PIA, including but not limited to:

  • Certain student information/records;
  • Certain medical information/records;
  • Driver’s license and motor vehicle information;
  • Attorney-client communications;
  • Attorney work product;
  • Documents made confidential by statute or law;
  • Documents claimed to be proprietary by a third party (trade secret information or financial information).

If you request copies of confidential/protected information under the PIA, OLLU may request an Attorney General's opinion about whether or not the information needs to be released. In the event OLLU requests an opinion from the Texas Attorney General, the information will not be available for review until after the Attorney General makes a decision about whether the information is to be made available. The Attorney General's office generally has 45 business days from the date of the request submitted, to make a decision on whether the information may be released.

If you need a special accommodation for your request, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please contact Janet Hupel at 210-431-4010.