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Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Housing 2019-2020

Lake View Apartments

 Suite Type Academic Year Summer Rates Full Term
2-Bedroom Suite (Fall/Spring)
$3,400/per semester
$1,815 (Fall/Spring/Summer)
$3,966/per semester
4-Bedroom Suite (Fall/Spring Rate)
$2,965/per semester
 $1,585 (Fall/Spring/Summer)
$3,460/per semester

Note: The full term for the Lake View Apartments is paid during the fall and spring semesters only. The summer semester is included in the rate above.

Centennial Hall

 Room Type Per Semester
Single Room $2,703
Triple Room $1,938

Flores Hall

 Room Type Per Semester
Single Room $2,703
Double Room $2,295

Ayres Hall

 Room Type Per Semester
Double Room $1,938

Special fees: Residence Hall Activity Fee is $10/semester.

Meal Plans 2019-2020

All students living in residence halls must purchase a meal plan.

Plan Semester Academic Year
A $1,900 + tax = $2,056.75 $4,113.50
B $1,800 + tax = $1,948.50 $3,897.00
C* $1,300 + tax = $1,407.25 $2,814.50
D** $500 + tax = $541.25 $1,082.50

* Plan C - Bexar County residents, International Students and residents of the Lake View Apartments Only

**Plan D - Commuter students only

These costs are based on 2019-2020 academic year projections and are subject to change.