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Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance Requirement

All OLLU undergraduate students enrolled in seven or more credit hours will be required to maintain health insurance for the academic year.

When an undergraduate student registers for classes, they are automatically enrolled in OLLU’s student health insurance plan, provided by Wellfleet Insurance Company. The policy fee will be reflected on the student’s bill. Students who currently have health insurance, or are on their parent’s health insurance, will have the opportunity to submit a waiver to have the fee removed after registration.

Master's and doctoral students have the option of adding the OLLU's student health insurance plan to their account upon request to

Undergraduate students who wish to have the Wellfleet insurance fee removed from their account must have an insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage and is comparable to what is provided through the OLLU plan provided by Wellfleet Insurance Company. 

Comprehensive coverage -- also known as major medical health insurance -- refers to plans that cover a wide range of health services (note: short-term plans, fixed-indemnity plans, or supplemental coverage like accident plans and critical illness plans are not considered comprehensive). Comprehensive coverage includes the 10 essential minimum benefits defined within the Affordable Care Act. 

Note: This policy does not apply to students enrolled in exclusively online degree programs.

International Students

All undergraduate international students are required to maintain the OLLU health insurance provided by Wellfleet Insurance Company. Per Our Lady of the Lake University policy, international students are not allowed to waive coverage. As such, the health insurance policy fee cannot be removed from an international student’s bill.

Enroll/Waive Your Health Insurance

How to Waive the Student Health Insurance

Undergraduate students who wish to waive the health insurance can begin the process 24 hours after registering for classes. To begin the process:

  • Visit the Wellfleet Insurance website at .
    • Undergraduate students will be asked to provide current insurance information to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for health insurance coverage.

If the waiver is approved, the fee will be removed from the student’s bill.

For questions regarding your billing statement, contact OLLU Student Business Office at 210-434-6711, ext. 3929. 

Note: Please allow five business days from notification of the waiver approval for the health insurance fee to be removed from the bill.

To learn more about the Wellfleet Insurance Company plan, visit  and read more about the master policy. Use the drop down menu and select "Our Lady of the Lake University –Texas Campus" to get started.

How to Access Insurance Card 

Once enrolled, you can access your insurance card 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To access card:

  • Visit
    • If you are a first-time visitor, you will need to create an account
  • Use the top navigation bar to select "email my ID card" or "print my ID card"
    • You can also request to have your card mailed to you

For assistance, call WellFleet Insurance:






For More Information or Assistance

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