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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

UPDATED 11-30-2020
10:35 a.m.

Deadlines approaching for students selecting Pass/Fail option for fall 2020 grading

Students are reminded that deadlines are approaching for those who wish to select the Pass/Fail option for fall semester grades.

National Online 14-Week Session – Deadline for Pass/Fail option is Dec. 3
Fast Track B and Weekend Sessions I and II – Deadline for Pass/Fail option is Dec. 3.
Traditional Fall Session – Deadline for Pass/Fail option is Dec. 16

Students must complete the appropriate form linked below to request a grade change. Please review the information below before making a decision.

Forms may be found in the Registrar’s Office Portal Site > Menu > Student Admin Services > Registrar’s Office > Forms.

Fall 2020 Pass Fail Option – Undergraduate

Fall 2020 Pass Fail Option - Graduate

Speak with adviser and financial aid
Students are reminded to speak with their adviser and staff from the Financial Aid Office for guidance on decisions. Some financial aid and military/veteran benefits may be affected by grading decisions. In addition, graduate/professional school acceptance, and professional licensure may be affected.

Pass/Fail information
• The grade necessary for a Pass grade is dependent on the particular course and student type.

• If an undergraduate student is taking a course to fulfill General Education requirements, a D- or above is needed to receive a Pass grade. If an undergraduate student is taking a course to fulfill a major or minor requirement, a C- or above is needed to earn a Pass grade.

• Graduate students must earn a grade of B or above to earn a Pass grade.

• A grade of Pass will not be calculated into the Grade Point Average (GPA); a grade of Fail will be calculated into the GPA as an F. If a student repeats and passes the course at a later time, the F would no longer count towards the cumulative GPA.

Post-Thanksgiving Plans and FAQs

After Thanksgiving break, OLLU will cease holding in-person classes and students (depending on other obligations such as athletics, internships/clinicals, work study, etc.) will have the option of attending class online from home for the rest of the semester or attending online classes while staying on campus.  All campus services will continue to be available (e.g. administrative/ faculty offices, library, etc.).

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about post-Thanksgiving campus services and hours.

Online Learning and Technology

Yes, the ITS Help Desk will be available on a reduced schedule. Please click here to access the ITS schedule .  

Online teaching will be either synchronous or asynchronous. Before the transition to online learning, your professors will communicate their plans and how the course will be structured after Thanksgiving.  

If the course will be taught synchronously, students should be prepared to be present online during their scheduled class periods.  Please refrain from scheduling work or other responsibilities in times you are normally scheduled to be in class.  

Yes, faculty will be available much the same way as they have been this fall.  Please contact the individual faculty member to set up a time/method of meeting.

The fall 2020 final exam schedule is available on the Registrar’s Office portal page under links . Your instructor will provide details about the administration of the final exam.

Course evaluations will be completed online and distributed via email.   

Students can be on campus for research and other learning that benefits from an on-campus presence.  It will be important that safety protocols are followed.  As all courses are moving to online after Thanksgiving, faculty cannot expect students in their classes to return to campus for course-based research or other projects.  

Students who are enrolled in practicum, internship, or field experience courses will be expected to continue these learning experiences to meet program expectations.  For specific information about your program, contact your faculty or the program director, or department chair/school director.  


Residence Life and Dining

Yes, all traditional residence halls and Lake View will remain open during Thanksgiving break and through the end of the fall semester on Friday, Dec.  11. Even though classes will be virtual after we return from Thanksgiving Break, students do not need to move out, they just need to take with them whatever they need for the time they plan to be gone. Residential students may choose to:

  • Stay on campus during Thanksgiving Break and the rest of the semester. Then move out at the end of the fall semester for Winter Break and return at the beginning of the spring semester.
  • Go elsewhere (home/vacation) during Thanksgiving Break, then return after Thanksgiving Break to live on campus the rest of the fall semester. Students will then move out at the end of the fall semester for Winter Break and return at the beginning of the spring semester.
  • Go elsewhere (home/vacation) during Thanksgiving Break and stay off campus the rest of the semester, returning at the beginning of the spring semester.

Chartwell Dining Services will be providing an augmented schedule during and after Thanksgiving break through the end of the semester. Once determined, the schedule will be sent out to the OLLU community. Additionally, the Convenience Store attached to the Saints Lounge will still operate 24/7.

No, the residence halls and apartments are not closing down for any portion of the contracted period.

The Post Office will continue to receive and hold mail while the university is operating. Students also have the option to visit the Post Office and forward their mail during the break.


Campus Buildings/Facilities

At this time, we expect buildings will be accessible to all students.    

Administrative offices will be open after the Thanksgiving holiday.    

Academic departments will continue office hours after Thanksgiving but may adjust them based on need.  It will be helpful to call or make an appointment to ensure availability.

Yes, the library will be open, but the hours will be reduced as per the schedule below. 

Library Hours After Thanksgiving
Nov. 25-27: Closed

Nov. 28-Dec. 9 
Building Hours:
Sunday -- 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Monday-Thursday -- 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Friday -- 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.
Saturday -- CLOSED

Virtual hours:
Monday-Thursday -- 9 a.m.-Midnight

Dec. 10-22 
Virtual and Building hours     
Monday-Thursday -- 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Friday -- 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday -- Closed

Dec. 23-Jan. 3
University closed for Christmas holidays

Jan. 4-8
Virtual and Building hours     
Monday-Thursday -- 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Friday -- 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday -- Closed



Student Life

Yes. We will continue to have:

  • Virtual and in-person recreational activity events
  • Exercise classes sponsored by Campus Recreation and IFCC
  • Traditional events of Lake Night Breakfast/StudyCon and a live-streamed 85th annual Candlelight

Some teams will still be practicing after Thanksgiving. Each coach will notify their teams of their practice schedule. 

There will be no official rehearsals of ensembles, but students will be permitted to practice in practice rooms during posted business hours, following the same safety protocols that have been in place all semester.   


Health and Wellness

Yes, both health and counseling services will remain available to enrolled students after Thanksgiving break and through winter break!

  • Mental Health - services will be available through both the OLLU Counseling Services department and TimelyMD. To request an appointment with OLLU Counseling Services, please email us at For mental health services through TimelyMD, please visit or download the TimelyMD app; be sure to use your OLLU email credentials when logging in. 
  • Physical Health - services for all physical health related concerns are available via OLLU Health. Please visit or download the TimelyMD app to set up an appointment; be sure to use your OLLU email credentials when logging in. 


Student workers are an integral part of services that are provided to students.  We ask that student workers connect with their work study supervisor to share their interest in continuing their work, and to determine the needs and availability of hours.  

Student workers can continue to work remotely, when approved to do so by their work-study supervisor.

Spring Semester

There have been no changes to the spring 2021 calendar. The Spring 2021 Narrative Calendar is available on the Registrar’s Office web page.

Spring courses will be offered in the same formats as they were offered this fall: on-campus, online, remote, hybrid, or hyflex. The information about course schedule and format is available on the spring 2021 course schedule. The pandemic requires us to continually adapt and be flexible to public health guidance.  Students will be notified as soon as possible if we need to make changes to the spring schedule. Please monitor your OLLU email for updates.  

Report COVID Diagnosis or Close Contact

Do not attend class or work if you are feeling ill or have any COVID-related symptoms or have tested positive for COVID or had known close-contact exposure* to someone who has tested positive for COVID; self-report symptoms or illness by calling the OLLU Reporting Line at 210-431-3949 or by using this online form: Health Self-Reporting .

*Note: Close contact is defined as “someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period* starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to test specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated." This is referred to as the 6-15-48 principle.

Conduct Self-Screening when coming to campus

All OLLU students and employees are required to conduct a self-screening using the #CampusClear app before coming onto campus. The app is available through the AppStore on IPhones and Google Play for Androids. Detailed instructions on downloading the app and additional information about the app are available at this link .

Using the app to conduct a self-screening

  • Open the app before coming onto campus.
  • Answer the one question #CampusClear asks.
  • Follow the guidance provided by the app. The app will tell you whether you are clear to come onto campus or not.
  • Students and employees must self-screen via the app every day they plan to come to campus. You do not have to self-screen via the app on days you are not coming to campus.

For those who do not have a smart phone, the self-screening can be completed through a web link .

Comprehensive Campus Operations Guide

As we progress through the fall semester, students, faculty and staff are reminded of the comprehensive guide that outlines changes on campus and answers your questions about safety and managing life on campus.

“Progressing in Providence: Guide for University Operations for Fall 2020” is available on the university website .

 In addition, the “Saints Strong” section of the website provides a quick overview of the information.

Course delivery descriptions

The following provides more information on the course delivery types being offered in the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters:

  • On-Campus Face-to-Face (Lecture Course) is a class that allows students to attend in person in a classroom with a faculty member a minimum of one time a week. Classroom occupancy to maintain physical distancing has been established by the university and will be posted for each classroom.
  • Online (Online, WEB FL) is a class that students attend virtually with all instruction online; instruction is prepared using principles for online learning. The instruction may be delivered either synchronously during a scheduled class period or asynchronously allowing students to access it on their own time.
  • Hybrid (Part Lecture/Part Online) combines face-to-face classroom instruction with online activities; part of the instruction is delivered face-to-face in class, and the other part is delivered through online instruction. This approach reduces the amount of seat time in a traditional face-to-face course and moves more of the course delivery online.
  • Hy-Flex (Part Lecture/Part Online) allows half the class to attend in person while the other half attends remotely; all students attend class at the same time (synchronously) whether in person or online. The instructor provides structure, content, and activities to meet the needs of students participating both in class and online simultaneously.  

Important Note: We understand the stress and uncertainty caused by the  pandemic. No matter what type of course you are in, faculty will be flexible and sensitive if you are unable to physically attend class for a period of because you must quarantine or are ill. Hybrid and hy-flex instruction can easily accommodate students who need to switch to fully online delivery. This simply requires a request to/conversation with your faculty member.

Five tips for success in online classes

Most OLLU classes are online or have an online component this semester. Visit this link for five tips to help ensure your success in online classes .

Tips for adjusting to college life during the pandemic

OLLU college life looks somewhat different due to the effects of COVID-19. Visit this link for tips on adjusting to college life during the pandemic .

Campus services available in-person and remotely

While most courses are offered through online/remote instruction, OLLU campuses are open including the residence halls, dining services, the library and computer labs. Services such as counseling, reference librarians and tutoring have both remote and in-person options; however, in-person options are limited due to the need for social distancing.

Additional assistance/information

If you need additional assistance, please contact