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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

UPDATED 9-8-2020
1:00 p.m.

Report COVID Diagnosis or Close Contact

Do not attend class or work if you are feeling ill or have any COVID-related symptoms or have tested positive for COVID or had known close-contact exposure* to someone who has tested positive for COVID; self-report symptoms or illness by calling the OLLU Reporting Line at 210-431-3949 or by using this online form: Health Self-Reporting .

*Note: Close contact is defined as “someone who was within 6 feet of an infected
person for at least 15 minutes starting from 2 days (48 hours) before illness onset
(or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to specimen collection) until the time
the patient is isolated.” This is referred to as the 6-15-48 principle.

Conduct Self-Screening when coming to campus

All OLLU students and employees are required to conduct a self-screening using the #CampusClear app before coming onto campus. The app is available through the AppStore on IPhones and Google Play for Androids. Detailed instructions on downloading the app and additional information about the app are available at this link .

Using the app to conduct a self-screening

  • Open the app before coming onto campus.
  • Answer the one question #CampusClear asks.
  • Follow the guidance provided by the app. The app will tell you whether you are clear to come onto campus or not.
  • Students and employees must self-screen via the app every day they plan to come to campus. You do not have to self-screen via the app on days you are not coming to campus.

For those who do not have a smart phone, the self-screening can be completed through a web link .

Comprehensive Campus Operations Guide

As we progress through the fall semester, students, faculty and staff are reminded of the comprehensive guide that outlines changes on campus and answers your questions about safety and managing life on campus.

“Progressing in Providence: Guide for University Operations for Fall 2020” is available on the university website .

 In addition, the “Saints Strong” section of the website provides a quick overview of the information.

Five tips for success in online classes

Most OLLU classes are online or have an online component this semester. Visit this link for five tips to help ensure your success in online classes .

Tips for adjusting to college life during the pandemic

OLLU college life looks somewhat different due to the effects of COVID-19. Visit this link for tips on adjusting to college life during the pandemic .

Course delivery descriptions

The following provides more information on the course delivery types being offered in the fall 2020 semester:

  • Face-to-Face (Lecture Course) is a class that allows students to attend in person in a classroom with a faculty member a minimum of one time a week. Classroom occupancy to maintain physical distancing has been established by the university and will be posted for each classroom.
  • On-Line (Online, WEB FL) is a class that students attend virtually with all instruction online; instruction is prepared using principles for online learning. The instruction may be delivered either synchronously during a scheduled class period or asynchronously allowing students to access it on their own time.
  • Hybrid (Part Lecture/Part Online) combines face-to-face classroom instruction with online activities; part of the instruction is delivered face-to-face in class, and the other part is delivered through online instruction. This approach reduces the amount of seat time in a traditional face-to-face course and moves more of the course delivery online.
  • Hy-Flex (Part Lecture/Part Online) allows half the class to attend in person while the other half attends remotely; all students attend class at the same time (synchronously) whether in person or online. The instructor provides structure, content, and activities to meet the needs of students participating both in class and online simultaneously.  

Important Note: We understand the stress and uncertainty caused by the  pandemic. No matter what type of course you are in, faculty will be flexible and sensitive if you are unable to physically attend class for a period of because you must quarantine or are ill. Hybrid and hy-flex instruction can easily accommodate students who need to switch to fully online delivery. This simply requires a request to/conversation with your faculty member.


Campus services available in-person and remotely

While most courses are offered through online/remote instruction, OLLU campuses are open including the residence halls, dining services, the library and computer labs. Services such as counseling, reference librarians and tutoring have both remote and in-person options; however, in-person options are limited due to the need for social distancing.

Additional assistance/information

If you need additional assistance, please contact