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Programs Offered and CIP Codes

CIP Code Program Name Degrees Offered Available Online
03.0103 Environmental Science & Sustainability  BS  
05.0203 Comparative Mexican American Studies BA  
09.0499 Mass Communication: Multimedia Journalism Concentration BA  
09.0702 Mass Communication: Digital Film and Multimedia Production Concentration BA  
09.9999 Mass Communication: Public Relations Concentration BA  
11.1003 Computer Information Systems and Security BAS, BBA, BS  
11.1003 Cybersecurity MS, Graduate Certificate Exclusively
13.0101 Secondary English Language Arts with English as a Second Language (ESL) Specialization MAT  
13.0201  Interdisciplinary Studies, EC-6, Bilingual Certification   BS  
13.0301 Curriculum and Instruction: Dual Language + Special Populations MEd  
13.0301 Curriculum and Instruction: Integrated Science MEd  
13.0301 Curriculum and Instruction: Reading + Literacy Specialization MEd  
13.1001 Interdisciplinary Studies, EC-6, Special Education Certification BS  
13.1101 Counseling: School Counseling MA, Certificate Exclusively
13.1202 Elementary Education with English as a Second Language (ESL) Specialization MAT  
13.1202 Elementary Education with Bilingual Education MAT  
13.1202 Elementary Education with Special Education MAT  
13.1302 Art, All Level Certification BA  
13.1305 English for Grades 7-12 English Language Arts Certification BA  
13.1311 Mathematics for Grades 7-12 Mathematics Certification BA  
13.1322 Biology for Grades 7-12 Science Certification BA  
13.1328 History for Grades 7-12 History Certification BA  
13.1330 Spanish, All Level Certification BA  
13.1210 Interdisciplinary Studies, EC-6 BS  
13.1401 Interdisciplinary Studies, EC-6, ESL Certification BS  
16.0905 Spanish BA  
19.0706 Childhood Studies BA  
23.0101 English BA  
23.0101 Literature, Creative Writing and Social Justice MA, MA/MFA Yes
23.1303 English: Technical and Professional Writing Concentration BA  
26.0101 Biology BA, BS  
26.0202 Chemical Biology BS  
26.1199 Biomathematics BS  
27.0101 Mathematics BA, BS  
30.0000 Multidisciplinary Studies BA  
31.0505 Kinesiology, All Level Certification  BS  
31.0505 Kinesiology, Generalist Concentration BS  
31.0505 Kinesiology, Health Professions Concentration BS  
31.0505 Kinesiology, Sport & Fitness Management Concentration BS  
30.7102 Business Analytics and Intelligent Decision Making Graduate Certificate  
38.0201 Theology and Spiritual Action BA  
40.0501 Chemistry BA, BS  
42.0101 Psychology BA  
42.0101 Psychology, Pre-Counseling BA  
42.2803 Counseling Psychology PsyD  
42.2805 Psychology: School Psychology Concentration MS  
42.2811 Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy Concentration MS  
43.0104  Criminology and Criminal Justice BA  
44.0701  Social Work BSW Yes
44.0701 Social Work (Advanced Standing) MSW Yes
44.0701 Social Work (Foundation) MSW Yes
44.0701  Social Work PhD Exclusively
44.0701 Social Work & Business Administration MSW/MBA  
45.1101 Sociology BA  
45.1099 Political Science, Pre-Law and Legal Process BA  
50.0501 Drama  BA  
50.0701 Visual and New Media Arts BA  
50.0901 Music BA  
50.0901 Music, All Level Certification BA  
51.0201  Communication Sciences and Disorders BA, MA  
51.0203 Clinical Doctorate in Speech Language Pathology SLPD  
51.0701 Health Care Management Concentration MBA, Graduate Certificate Yes
51.0701 Business Essentials for Health Care Professionals Graduate Certificate  
51.1508 Counseling: Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA  Exclusively
51.231 Counseling: Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling MA  Exclusively
52.0201 Management Concentration MBA Yes
52.0201 Individualized Concentration BBA  
52.0201 Management BA, BBA, MBA/MSOL, Graduate Certificate  
52.0203 Supply Chain Essentials Graduate Certificate  
52.0206 Nonprofit Management MS, Graduate Certificate Exclusively
52.0213 Leadership Studies PhD, PhD/MBA  
52.0213 Organizational Leadership - Leadership MSOL  
52.0213 Organizational Leadership: Interdisciplinary MSOL  
52.0213 Organizational Leadership MSOL/MBA  
52.0213 Organizational Leadership MSOL/PhD  
52.0213 Essential Business Skills Graduate Certificate  
52.0301 Accounting BBA, MS  
52.0601 Economics BBA  
52.0801 Finance BBA  
52.0801 Financial Analysis and Corporate Performance Graduate Certificate  
52.0801 Financial Analysis     MS, MBA  
52.1301 Business Analytics  MS, MBA  
52.1401 Marketing BBA  
54.0101 History, Social Studies  BA  
54.0101  History: Integrated Digital and Public History Concentration BA