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Saints Strong Fall 2022

Staying Saints Strong

COVID-19 Updates

Masks No Longer Required, But Recommended

▪ Masks are recommended but no longer required in all OLLU indoor and outdoor spaces; however, faculty have the option of setting a mask requirement in their classes, and all employees can request that masks be worn by individuals visiting their private offices or workspaces. Community members must be respectful of individual requests.

▪ Anyone who wishes to continue wearing a mask may do so.

▪ As per the CDC, community members in counties with high COVID transmission numbers are encouraged to wear masks if you are a) indoors in public, b) immunocompromised, or c) at high risk for severe illness.  Currently, the communities that OLLU serves have high transmission rates. The university will continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments to guidelines and policies as needed.

Self-Reporting COVID-19 Diagnosis Still Required

Students, faculty and staff are required to submit a self-report when diagnosed with COVID-19 or after having close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. Complete the self-report online .

COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing

OLLU is not, at this time, making COVID-19 vaccinations a requirement for anyone. The university, however, strongly encourages all employees and students to receive the vaccination and voluntarily share your vaccine status with the university by using our online system for uploading your vaccine record .

Cleaning and Disinfecting

OLLU campuses will continue the widespread use of hand sanitizing stations, increased disinfecting of high-traffic, high-touch areas, and will make available disinfectant carts stocked with cleaning supplies, masks and gloves.


OLLU will continue to hold face-to-face classes.

Courses listed as “lecture” in the course schedule are face-to-face classes and are meeting in person according to their scheduled class days, times and locations. Courses listed as “hybrid” or “hyflex” may have a face-to-face component. Students in these courses should consult with their professor about when classes will meet in person.

Student Services and Administrative Offices

All student services and administrative offices are open.

Faculty and staff may request that masks be worn by individuals visiting their private office or workspace. Community members should be respectful of individual requests.


On-Campus Housing

The following residence halls are available this semester: Ayers, Centennial, Flores, Lakeview and Pacelli.

For the upcoming fall 2022 semester, plans are in place to return to pre-pandemic occupancy levels in the residence halls. Double-occupancy rooms will be offered once again.

The university continues to make space available on campus for residential students needing to isolate should they contract COVID-19.

Residential students are highly encouraged to get vaccinated.


Campus Life

In-person events are taking place on campus.

Mission and Ministry

The Office of Mission and Ministry is holding face-to-face events and Masses are being held during the week and Sunday in Sacred Heart Chapel.

Athletics and Recreation

Intercollegiate competition is scheduled to continue with mitigation protocols in place. Guests are allowed to attend games and matches.