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Student Advocacy and Support

The primary goal of Student Advocacy and Support (SAS) is to empower learners to develop skills leading to self-advocacy and success. SAS collaborates with students, faculty, staff and community resources to ensure all students have the resources they need to be successful as students navigate the college experience. 

The SAS team utilizes an online referral system to assist students on their path to graduation. Faculty and staff can submit a referral for a student who is in need of support. An assigned Success Coach will contact the student, student's adviser and the student's faculty to work dilligently to coordinate support efforts. 

Below are a few common reasons for referral to our office:

  • Student is underperforming in academic courses
  • Student is displaying negative attendance trends
  • Student is in need of better time management
  • Student is in need of motivation
  • Holistic - outside concerns/family matters/time away from campus

For Parents

Your encouragement and guidance is important. The adjustment to college life can be difficult, and research shows that successful students are ofte the ones with strong support networks off campus. Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you in finding the resources you need in order to best help your student.