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Safety Procedures

OLLU recently updated its masks requirements for the fall 2022 semester:

  • Masks are recommended but no longer required in all OLLU indoor and outdoor spaces; however, faculty have the option of setting a mask requirement in their classes, and all employees can request that masks be worn by individuals visiting their private offices or workspaces. Community members must be respectful of individual requests.
  • Anyone who wishes to continue wearing a mask may do so.
  • As per the CDC, community members in counties with high COVID transmission numbers are encouraged to wear masks if you are a) indoors in public, b) immunocompromised, or c) at high risk for severe illness.  Currently, the communities that OLLU serves have high transmission rates. The university will continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments to guidelines and policies as needed.

These instructions are for all individuals whether they have been vaccinated or not. They apply to anyone who is COVID positive, whether they have symptoms or not.

  • If the individual is on campus, the individual must leave. Residential students can isolate on campus. Contact Residence Life for instruction on where to isolate.
  • If individual is at home, the individual should stay home. They should not come to campus.    
  • Contact a medical provider.
  • Submit Self-Report Form to OLLU before the end of business day.
  • Employees must notify their supervisor. 
  • Self-isolate as per CDC guidelines.
  • Complete a COVID-19 Return to Work/Campus Form before returning to campus. 

When possible, it is recommended that Individuals continue to distance at least 3 ft, and ideally 6 ft, apart from other people who are not from their household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

All OLLU community members (vaccinated or unvaccinated) should self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19.

The Facilities Management staff has been trained on the CDC’s proper cleaning and disinfection protocols. They will be disinfecting high-touch common areas on campus. Comprehensive deep-cleanings and high-level disinfection protocols will be activated when needed. 

Yes. Hand sanitizer stations are installed at various locations around the different campuses. Disinfectant carts stocked with cleaning supplies, masks, gloves and similar items have been made available around campus. In San Antonio, these carts are stationed at Slater (formerly Lake View), St. Ann’s, Sueltenfuss Library, UWAC, Walter Center, the MARC (formerly IFCC) and Worden.

At the Houston campus, supplies will be available at the security check-in station, located at the front/main entrance of the building. The cart in the La Feria campus is located at the main entrance on the South hallway.

The university has returned to pre-COVID room capacities; however, social distancing of at least 3 feet is still recommended when possible.  

Employees and students should hold each other accountable by reminding peers of OLLU’s safety guidelines especially when witnessing violations. Individuals violating guidelines should respond to such reminders by immediately complying. If individuals are found to be repeatedly ignoring rules or egregiously violating them, the university will use processes outlined in our student and employee handbooks designed to correct behavior. OLLU’s approach will be corrective, not punitive. Repeated or egregious violations should be reported to the corresponding official including an employee’s supervisor, the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Director of Residence Life.

The Student Conduct Reporting form , available on the OLLU website, can be used for this purpose.

Reporting COVID-19 Diagnosis

Yes. Employees and students are required to report a COVID-19 diagnosis immediately after learning of it by using this Self-Report Form .

Yes. Please report close contact immediately by using this Self-Report Form .

Yes. The Office of Student Affairs will be contacting faculty in situations like this. Students are also encouraged to communicate with their faculty members.

You can access that information here . This chart is updated weekly.

OLLU Policies

Business travel is currently not restricted. Employees are encouraged to discuss travel plans with their supervisor. Any university sponsored international trips should be cleared by the division leader.

Children are allowed to visit campus at this time. Anyone under the age of 18 who is not a current student, must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Faculty, staff and students must follow current university policy as it pertains to children in the workplace or classroom .

Yes, visitors are allowed on campus. Visitors should be asked to self-screen and should not come to campus if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 

Offices, Services and Events

Yes, the following computer labs are open:

  • Main Building - Second Floor Computer Station Area
  • Main Building - Third Floor Computer Station Area
  • Cyber Café
  • 24-hour Lab (Located in library)
  • Worden Lab
  • Library Computer Cluster
  • Houston Computer Lab
  • La Feria Computer Lab

Yes, the library is open for in-person visitors. More information on the library and its services is available on the library website .

Healthcare services for students are provided through TimelyCare a telehealth program. TimelyCare provides virtual visits that enable all students to access medical and mental health services anytime, anywhere via a secure video visit. The telehealth professionals provide healthcare and mental health support for common conditions that can be safely and accurately diagnosed and treated online. To schedule an appointment visit or download the TimleyCare app. If you need assistance accessing TimelyCare, please contact the HERO Office at

Yes! The cafeteria in the San Antonio campus is open. Cafeteria hours and daily menu options can be found here .

Currently, yes.  If you are meeting face-to-face, please make sure you are not violating room capacity or meeting guidelines. We recommend you consider meeting in outdoor areas whenever possible.


Yes, all OLLU sponsored teams are continuing practices, scrimmages and games, unless circumstances prohibit it. Go Saints!

Yes. If this changes, the community will be notified.

Yes, the UWAC is open as is the weight and exercise room; however, limits may be placed on the number of individuals who can use the rooms at one time. For information, please contact the UWAC.

Living On Campus

Ayres, Pacelli, Slater (formerly Lake View), Flores, and Centennial are open for the semester.

All residents who test positive for COVID-19, will be asked to isolate. Please submit a Self-Report Form . Once the form is received, a contact tracer will communicate with you and provide you with additional information.

Yes, students can quarantine in their rooms if they had close contact with a COVID positive person. Students with COVID-19 who need to self-isolate will do so in St. Ann’s Residence Hall, if they choose to remain on campus.

If your roommate gets COVID-19 and you had close contact with them, you will be notified. Information on quarantine requirements will be shared with you by the Health Education Resource Office. 

If your roommate has been in your room/suite, the space will undergo a special disinfection. This could mean you will need to stay in another room or residence hall while your room is being disinfected. Meals will be delivered to students isolating and quarantining on campus and the Health Education Resource Office will check in on you to monitor your symptoms.

Residents are limited to two guests. Guests must be OLLU students only (i.e. family, friends or other non-OLLU community members not permitted). Overnight guests are still not permitted. 

For Employees

No. Employees who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate and avoid having direct contact with anyone.

This depends on your vaccination status and other factors. If you had close contact with a COVID-positive person, please submit a Self-Report Form for guidance.  

Questions and Updates

The university will continue to monitor developments related to COVID-19 and will communicate any changes with as much notice as possible. Updates will be shared via email through Lake Weekly or special announcements.

Questions on COVID-19 protocols and guidelines can be sent to