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Campus Dining

Dining on campus will look different in the fall semester. Community members will be asked to social distance or take food to go when possible.

Other Initiatives IncludePlexiglass in Cafeteria

Instensified Cleaning

Between each meal time, the cafeteria will close to allow staff to conduct deep cleaning of the seating areas and work spaces.

Plexiglass Guards 

Guards will be installed in key areas to prevent the spread of germs.


OLLU’s dining services provider Chartwells will conduct employee screening.

Grab-and-go Items

More Grab-and-Go options will be offered in the main cafeteria and the C-Store to allow community members to take their meals to private spaces.

Disposable Containers

Throw-away containers will prevent the spread of germs that can happen with shared items.

Single-serve items

Things like ketchup and other condiments will be provided in single-serve packets.

Spacing of tables and chairs

Furniture will be spaced for social distancing.

Visual reminders

Signage and floor decals will provide guidance for social distancing.
Intensified cleaning measures – Dining rooms will be closed between meal serving times to allow for additional cleaning.