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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has provided guidance that a social distance between individuals of at least 6 feet is advised to minimize the spread of the virus. Furthermore, based on expert feedback in the field, it is in our best interest to limit the number of students sharing an adjoined restroom. How we will accomplish this is:

Students Living in Lake View Apartments

Since the standard set up houses 2 or 4 students in an apartment with a private room and no more than 2 students per restroom, this community will remain as is.

Students Living in Ayres Hall

Since the offered set up houses two individuals to one restroom in single-suites, this community will remain as is.

Students Living in Flores Hall

Since the standard set up houses four individuals to one restroom in double-suites, we will transition this community to single-suites to spread students out. For the few rooms in this community that are a double occupancy room and have a private restroom, two students will occupy the room.

Students Living in Centennial Hall

Since the standard set up houses three individuals to one restroom in private rooms, we will transition this community to double occupancy private rooms to spread students out. For the few rooms in this community that are true singles and have a private restroom, one student will occupy the room. We have also transitioned this to a non-freshman community and will only be available for returning/transfer students. The Centennial Hall double room is $15 more/semester than Flores. However, the room is much larger, and the two residents have access to a private restroom.

Please know that we will work to keep roommate requests together as suitemates where possible depending on the community and the individual student request.

Yes, the university has three offline residential communities that are currently used for other purposes. To spread students out, we will utilize some or all these spaces as needed for the upcoming academic year.

Providence Hall

Upper-class students will have the option to relocate to this community in single-suite accommodations. Spaces are limited and preference will be given to upper-class students living in Flores and Centennial Halls. This community, once a popular residence hall for upper-class students, is close to our dining facilities and is central to campus operations.

Pacelli Hall

This once popular freshman community will operate as single-suites for our incoming freshman students. This community is also more central to campus and adjacent to the OLLU library. 

St. Ann’s Hall

This community will be used on an as-needed basis and is not for immediate occupancy. In the event it is needed, it will offer single-suite housing accommodations.

Yes, for some communities. You can view any changes to the housing rates online.

We are still looking forward to welcoming all our new students to campus for the first time and welcoming back our returning students this coming August. The residence halls and apartments will still open according to the schedule below:

  • Wednesday, August 12 – Social Justice/Honors LLC Move-In
  • Thursday, August 13 – Freshman/New Student Move-In
  • Friday, August 14 – Fall Sports Athlete Move-In
  • Saturday, August 15 – Returning Student Move-In

All students will be given a timeslot based on their building and housing assignment to move-in, regardless of the day they arrive, so that we can spread students out throughout the day. All other early arrival requests prior to your assigned move-in day are subject to a $20/day early arrival fee. Athletics will communicate any changes to the early move-in schedule for affected athletes.

Additional Information 

  • Guests/Move-In Help
    • Guests of the resident moving in are limited to 2 persons over age 16
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • All residents and guests will be required to wear face coverings the cover the nose and mouth at the check in process and when they are walking through the residence hall hallways and indoor public areas
    • Individuals without face coverings will not be permitted in to the check-in area; face coverings will be provided if available
    • Hand washing on a regular basis and the use of hand sanitizer is encouraged.
    • Elevator occupants should be limited to the individual family unit.
  • Volunteer Assistance
    • We will not have additional staff to assist in unloading personal belongings from a resident’s car to their room.
    • We will have bins available for use, but there will be a delay for our team to sanitize the bins between resident use.
  • Health and Wellness
    • Social distancing is still encouraged.
    • Residents and guests who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms should remain home. Residents can contact the Office of Residence Life to reschedule their move in.
    • Residents and guests should be prepared for a screening process including a temperature check.
    • Bottled water and prepackaged snacks will be available but limited so please plan accordingly.
  • Pre-Arrival
    • Two weeks prior to move-in:
      • Residents are discouraged from traveling outside of their home city;
      • Residents should limit interactions with persons outside of their immediate home;
    • Residents are encouraged to bring only necessary items to campus to assist with a swift evacuation in the event the university must send residents home because of negative developments with the COVID-19 pandemic

With all this information in mind, you may have the desire to change your housing assignment and/or meal plan. Students who do not submit a change request are subject to the new housing rates of their selected community and style. Furthermore, in the process to spread students out, we may have to change your housing assignment to another space within your current community. Should your initial chosen community reach capacity, you may be reassigned to a new community and you will be made aware of this change as soon as possible via e-mail.

You may submit a housing and meal plan change request online .

To avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus and take measures to ensure the safety of our community members, new policies regarding social distancing in public residential spaces, personal protection equipment requirements, and visitation limitations will be implemented. 

These new policies are being put in place in addition to all existing policies and procedures. Violation of these new policies will be handled through the conduct process. Non-resident students are also held to these policies while visiting residents. The Office of Residence Life will take all precautions to promote social distancing. However, there is still a risk in choosing to live on campus if resident’s fail to participate in social distancing, face covering and handwashing guidelines, and the newly implemented policies.

The new policies are as follows:

  • Until further notice, all residents will be required to wear masks/covering when they are walking through the residence hall hallways, indoor public areas, elevators, stairwells, and inside the on-campus convenience store. Resident students are also expected to follow the posted occupancy guidelines of all public spaces.
    • For the 2020-21 academic year, until further notice, with the exception of assistance with move-in and move-out, resident students will not be able to have visitors within the residence halls who do not live on campus. This extends to all community areas within residence halls as well (i.e. computer labs, lounges, fitness areas, etc.). 
    • Resident students will be allowed to have one (1) resident student guest at a time and normal visitation policy must be followed. Resident students may be required to register their guest online as well. Non-resident student guests are welcome at the Saint’s Lounge and Market (SLAM) as long as occupancy limitations are being followed. Additionally, no overnight guests will be permitted for the Fall semester. The guest and visitation policy will be revisited at the end of the Fall semester for any changes to be made in the Spring semester.

In order to prepare for your arrival, we recommend bringing the following items: 

  • Reusable or disposable face coverings
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Additional disinfectant cleaning supplies
  • Personal thermometer
  • Emergency Kit complete with non-perishable food items for 3-5 days.

If your housing plans have changed, complete this online cancellation form . Please know that the penalty-free cancellation period, which originally ended on June 1, has been extended to July 10. For returning residents, your $200 housing deposit will be forfeited if you cancel after this date. For all residents, per the housing contract, an additional $300 fee will be assessed if you cancel after July 3. Only students who choose to no longer attend OLLU, and cancel prior to the start of the contract period, are exempt from paying additional fees. Those who choose to commute are subject to the cancellation fee. Please know the penalty-free cancellation period has been extended until July 3, 2020. COVID-19 related cancellations received after July 3 will not be penalized. You can view the full housing contract online .

Our facilities team will continue to address all work orders. There may be a delay in non-emergent matters and additional precautions will be taken. 

Our custodial staff is discontinuing a service where resident restrooms in traditional halls were cleaned on a weekly basis and toilet paper was provided. All residents will need to ensure their common/shared spaces are cleaned. Residence Life will have a small stock of toilet paper to provide residents as needed, but residents should be prepared to provide their own.

OLLU will continue to monitor national news coverage and recommendations by the city, state, and federal governments in addition to the Center for Disease Control regarding COVID-19. Should this impact campus and/or housing operations, we will communicate this to you with as much notice as possible. Residents should discuss a plan of action with their parents, guardians, family, and/or friends for evacuating campus with a minimum of a weeks’ notice should the need arise; including international and out-of-state residents. OLLU will work with residents who have no other options for housing; this could include off-campus housing at a hotel. If OLLU must shut down housing operations, all remaining residents will have to make alternative housing arrangements.

In possible preparation for an unexpected evacuation, we encourage students to limit the personal items and décor that they bring to campus. This will assist in a swift campus-wide evacuation if needed.

Contact the Office of Residence Life with your questions or concerns. Summer office hours are Monday–Thursday from 8 a.m.–5:30 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m.–5 p.m.. Although our staff is currently working remotely, we are located in the main office of the Lake View Apartments, directly across from the Worden School of Social Service.

Phone: (210) 431-3941