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Personal and Leadership Development

Male sitting holding glass talking to staff and studentPersonal Development

University Ministry aids many students who experience college for the first time. Many begin to deal with a variety of stressors:

  • Homesickness
  • Time Management
  • Financial Problems
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Social Activities
  • Family

All of these pose threats to a student’s personal and academic development. Small group gatherings help students understand the dynamic in personal leadership styles, maintaining healthy relationships and combating domestic and interpersonal violence.

University Rituals

It is through developing rituals that University Ministry has been able to address the personal development of students. First year students who participate in Blue Nation Orientation have the opportunity to have their residence blessed and begin their time at OLLU with the New Student Convocation.

Students' time at OLLU concludes with the rituals of Ring Blessing and Graduation Liturgy. These rituals have been adapted and edited to serve as a commissioning ritual to send students into a globalized world.

The Power of Providence Blessing happens during midterms each semester. During this time, students, staff and faculty have the opportunity to sit in prayerful reflection one of the Sisters of Divine Providence. Prior to final exams, a Blessing of the Brains Liturgy is held on campus to allow students to enter this stressful time with a sense of prayer and blessing.

Developing Leaders

University Ministry provides trainings and sessions that prepare students to work as spiritual leaders for their peers.  Students have the opportunities to train as Eucharistic Ministers, acolytes, lectors, musicians and retreat leaders among other leadership positions.

Student ministers on campus also connect with student ministers from the other universities in the city and nationally through meetings and conferences. Through these events, students are able to exchange ideas that they can bring back to campus and apply in various settings.