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How to Join the Honors Program

The OLLU Honors Program is for undergraduate students only.

Application Requirements for Freshmen

Accepted incoming OLLU freshmen will be invited to apply by the OLLU Admissions Office. The OLLU Honors Program applies a holistic approach in its honors admissions criteria. We seek curious and motivated students to participate in our community of learners, who are ready to lead and to serve. Acceptance into honors is based on high school GPA and course rigor, a short writing prompt, and demonstrated leadership and service. Accepted students will be interviewed to welcome and orient them into the Honors Program. 

Application Requirements for Current OLLU or Transfer Students

Current OLLU or transfer students with 30 hours or less who meet the following criteria also are invited to apply:

  • Minimum 3.4 GPA after completion of one semester or more at OLLU, or equivalent
  • Interview with OLLU Honors Program Director; the Director will schedule the interview after the application materials have been reviewed
  • Completion of the Honors Program application for current or transfer students; 

Submit your application through mail or in person to:

Leda Barnett, PhD
Honors Program Director
Main 202E
411 SW 24th Street
San Antonio, Texas 78207 or