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Honors Program Faculty

Leda Barnett, PhD - Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of the Honors Program; teaches HNRS 1300 Exploring the University

Jane Grovijahn, PhD - Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Theology; teaches RLST 3383 Honors Leadership, Women and Spirituality

Leah Larson, PhD - Professor of English; teaches ENGL 2332 Honors Introduction to World Literature II

Esther Gergen, PhD - Associate Professor of Leadership Studies; teaches HNRS 3300 Leadership and Civic Responsibility

Yolanda Rodriguez-Escobar, PhD, LMSW - Associate Professor of Social Work; teaches HNRS 2300 Community as Context

Briana Salas, PhD - Assistant Professor of Biology; teaches BIOL 1410 Honors Environmental Science

Valerie Martinez, PhD - Assistant Professor of History; teaches HRNS 1300 Exploring the University

Brittany Chozinski, PhD - Assistant Professor of Sociology