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Curriculum and Student Responsibilities

Honors courses are designed to fit in with each student's major and with the OLLU General Education curriculum required of all students. Honors students take the Honors courses with other Honors students in their same year of study. Completion of all Honors courses is required to remain in the program.

Honors Program curriculum includes the following courses:

  • Exploring the University
  • Community as Context
  • Leadership and Civic Responsibility
  • Honors Introduction to Sociology 
  • Honors Introduction to World Literature
  • Honors Environmental Science
  • Honors Leadership, Women and Spirituality

Capstone Course

This course is developed within the student's major in collaboration with faculty in the student's major and the Honors Faculty Council. Upon completion of the Honors Program Capstone Project, students present their research or artistic project to the OLLU community.

Honors Student Responsibilities

Honors students and faculty meet together at the start of each academic year in order to review the Honors Program Handbook and to get to know each other. Additional meetings are held throughout the year.

Honors students are expected to follow the requirements outlined in the Honors Program Handbook, including completion of all Honors courses, maintenance of a minimum 3.4 GPA, and presentation of the Capstone Project. Honors students will also be expected to actively participate in all scheduled activities which may include adviser meetings, community service, special seminars and professional development workshops, cultural events, and university events. Honors students will also be encouraged to maintain active communication with program staff throughout their undergraduate experience.