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Biliterate Certificate Program

Students can earn undergraduate degrees with dual-language emphasis through the Biliterate Certificate Program. The Biliterate Certificate is available with all undergraduate majors. 

How it Works

Students take specialized Spanish classes and fulfill a portion of their major/minor requirements by completing a practicum or learning experience related to their major in a Spanish-speaking setting. Following completion of program requirements, students earn a Biliterate Certificate that shows they have the valuable and marketable skills to speak, read and write professionally in Spanish. Biliterate Certificate Program graduates are prepared for careers in bicultural (Spanish/English) environments.

Admissions Requirements

Students applying for the Biliterate Certificate are required to submit the following:

Credit By Examination Opportunities

For elementary and intermediate level Spanish classes, credit can be granted through CLEP, AP, or IB. For more information on College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), visit the OLLU Testing Center website.

Degree Plan

To view a complete list of courses and courses descriptions for the Biliterate Certificate Program, view the OLLU undergraduate catalog .