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Cybersecurity News

The Latest

  • Cybersecurity Industry Advisory Board
    During August of 2022 the Center for Cyber Leadership, formed its first Cybersecurity Industry Advisory Board. This group of experts meet once per semester in order to receive industry expert feedback on existing programs, curriculum, and student resources. Our goal is to engage in continuous improvement and increase our graduates’ opportunities for a successful career in Computer Information Systems and Security. The advisory board is composed of ten industry experts in the areas of information technology, security engineering, cloud security, information security, and penetration testing.  

  • Data Security Training at OLLU
    OLLU employees provided training on maintaining data security. Read more in OLLU newsletter .

    The CCL in collaboration with CyberSaints organizes a speaker series each spring bringing industry experts to speak to faculty and staff about current topics in computer information systems.

    The CCL in collaboration with CyberSaints organizes a speaker series each fall, during national cybersecurity awareness month, brining industry experts to speak to faculty, students, and staff about trending topics in cybersecurity.

  • McNair Scholars
    CISS students have the opportunity to conduct research in collaboration with a faculty mentor through the McNair program. For more information, CISS students should visit to the Prospective McNair Scholars site (login required) to apply

  • National Science Foundation Awards S-STEM grant to OLLU
    CISS students (among other STEM students) will have the opportunity to receive scholarships and support activities via this grant. Visit the grant web page for additional information

  • New Information Security Analyst for OLLU
    Greg Garza joined the OLLU community as an information Security Analyst. For more information please visit the OLLU ITS News and Information site (login required)

  • Our World Now Conference.
    Session Moderators: Dr. Carol Jeffries-Horner, Dr. Ahmad Al-Omari, Dr. Vanessa Clark

  • Women in Cyber: San Antonio #SquadGoals panel presentation hosted by San Antonio Startup Week
    OLLU Panelist: Dr. Vanessa Clark

  • Anatomy of Cyber Attacks
    Presented by Tom Ervin, Computer Scientist, at NCSAM@OLLU Presentation Series event

  • Best Practices for Protecting Your Online Identity
    Presented by Curtis Spears, OLLU CTO, at NCSAM@OLLU Presentation Series event

Other Cybersecurity News