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CyberSaints Student Organization

Cyber Saints Student Organization participating in outside event.

CyberSaints is a student information technology and cybersecurity organization for undergraduate and graduate students that aims to develop and improve skills of members in various areas such as security, networking, database, programming, malware analysis, system design, and many more.

Membership Benefits 

  • Skill enhancement 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Cyber competition experience
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Career advising
  • Event participation (conferences, speaker series, etc.)
  • Certification exam training 
  • Internship opportunities


CyberSaints is a student-led cybersecurity organization that is driven to develop and enhance the skills of its members in various areas within information technology. These areas include, but are not limited to, networking, database design, programming, malware analysis, system design, and computer hardware. 

Recent Events

National Cyber League 2022 Spring Season Participation

National Cyber League 2021 Fall Season Participation

Cyber IDLE Security + Exam Readiness Workshops

Cyber IDLE Hour

Kyle Gaertner (Manager, Security and Compliance Regulations)-A Day in the Life of a Pentester

Rima Asmar Awad (Algorithm Software engineer), In Collaboration with Women in Cybersecurity San Antonio Affiliate – Evaluating Volatile Memory Forensics Techniques for Embedded Devices Presentation

CAE-NCX  – Virtual Cryptanalysis Tech Talk 

The National Cybersecurity Training and Education Center and CAE – Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair




Alex Young

Keivan A. Perry
Class of 2022

Major: Computer Information Systems and Security 

Minor: Economics

Accomplishments: National Society of Leadership and Success,  President of CyberSaints, School of Business and Leadership Helpdesk- Information Technology Assistant Student Employee

Post-Graduation: Keivan has earned a position at Wells Fargo as an Audit Associate in Phoenix, Arizona.