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Mathematics and Biomathematics

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OLLU's bachelor's degrees in mathematics and biomathematics prepare students for a variety of careers in business, education, engineering, statistics, actuary and government. Studying math at OLLU is much more than simply solving equations written on a board. Students are introduced to in-depth problem solving, mathematical modeling and innovative ways to integrate technology into their studies to prepare them for their careers.

Programs Offered 

OLLU offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mathematics. An undergraduate mathematics major establishes a foundation for advanced study in mathematics and other areas, such as the sciences and engineering. Students are encouraged to study in depth another discipline (as a minor or second major) that uses mathematics, such as computer science, biology, chemistry or many other areas.

The Biomathematics degree prepares students to apply mathematical models in biological research. The program is unique in that students are expected to have a strong background in biology and applied mathematics. This degree is perfect for students wishing to continue their studies in bioengineering, bioinformatics and biostatistics. 

BS Biomathematics degree plan and course descriptions

This degree is designed for students wishing to pursue a degree that will best prepare them for graduate school programs in mathematics or any applied mathematics field.

BS Mathematics degree plan and course descriptions

This degree provides a strong foundation general math foundation but offers more flexibility in the choice of electives. The BA is also the most efficient way for a student to get a dual degree in mathematics and one of the other majors that require strong mathematical preparation.  

BA Mathematics degree plan and course descriptions

This degree is for students who wish to pursue a secondary mathematics Texas Teacher Certification. 

BA Mathematics Teacher Certification degree plan and course descriptions

The mathematics minor provides a strong foundation of mathematics principles that can be applied in a wide variety of fields. It is often paired with a major in science, but is actually a great pairing with many of the majors offered at OLLU to make students stronger applicants  in the job market or for graduate school. 

Mathematics minor degree plan and course descriptions

Spanish-speaking students can earn a math degree with dual-language (English/Spanish) emphasis through the Biliterate Certificate Program. Students take specialized courses taught in Spanish and fulfill a portion of their major requirements by completing a practicum or learning experience in a Spanish-speaking setting. Earning the certificate certifies that a student is proficient in both English and Spanish. 

Math with a Technology Focus

Technology is built into the math curriculum courses requiring students to be skilled in the latest mathematical computational software in the industry. Math classes often meet in the computer labs, providing students with experiential learning opportunities in mathematical modeling with the use of mathematical and statistical software.

Senior Seminar

As part of the math degree, students take a Senior Seminar course. This course is a capstone experience where students complete a comprehensive project that involves researching an advanced mathematical topic and presenting the results. 

Student Organizations

Once students reach their sophomore year, they have the opportunity to join Sigma Zeta, the National Science and Mathematics Honor Society. Sigma Zeta strives to encourage and foster scholarly activity and recognize academic scholarship in the natural and computer sciences and mathematics.

Students also have the ability to join the Math Society. This group gets together to host events and meetings that make math more relatable. There are also sessions where students analyze mathematical concepts and show how math can be, and is, used in everyday life and further explore the concepts presented in their classes.


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