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Ahmad Al-Omari, DSc

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems and Security
Main Building, Room 302A

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Expertise

Information Security Policy Compliance, Cybersecurity Ethics, Security Awareness, Insider Threats, Data Security and Information Privacy, Security Informatics, Digital Forensics.

Teaching Philosophy

A discerning educator, over time, learns to distinguish when students can be taught effectively using peer interaction and when the solitary struggle of “thinking hard” about a problem is required. He or she appreciates how to communicate information in a way that subsumes memorization within the more significant endeavor of learning how to think. Having a shared interest in the subject matter between teacher and students is beneficial, and a knowledgeable educator knows how to cultivate that interest without interfering. As a practical matter, I have found that effective teaching combines formal lecture periods, smaller discussion sections, and challenging projects to help the student bridge theory and practice. Learning aims at incorporating new information or skills into the student’s existing knowledge base so as to convert knowledge into understanding. A strong believer in active learning, I try to promote a very energetic and interactive classroom by probing, supporting, inspiring, and ultimately awakening a student’s capacity to be intrigued by their research subject. I approach teaching with a focus on six dimensions of learning: developmental, conceptual, motivational, environmental, holistic, and supportive.

Outside Interests

 I enjoy travelling, reading, watching movies and barbequing.

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems and Security Ahmad Al-Omari


Professional Memberships

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Information Security Community
  • Association for Information Systems (AIS)
  • Cyber Law and Information Security



  • DSc - Information Assurance and Computer Security, Dakota State University
  • MSIS - Networking Administration and Security, Dakota State University
  • MBA - Master of Business Administration, Yarmouk University 
  • BA – Banking and Finance, Yarmouk University