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Codina Haselmayer Fayed, PhD, LMFT, AAMFT-S

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Moye Hall, Room 402

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Expertise

I am a professor and a clinical AAMFT-approved supervisor for our master's and doctoral students in the Psychology Department. My expertise includes active research in family systems, strength-based therapeutical approaches, infidelity, intergenerational transmission of patterns, and betrayal trauma. I maintain strong research and academic presence by publishing my work in numerous top-tier peer-reviewed journals and presenting my research at national and international conferences. I am dedicated to the core values and mission statement of our university, and my work is a vibrant testament to it. 

Teaching Philosophy

A significant part of my identity is being a pedagogue. I believe that teaching family systems through strength-based lenses with a postmodern approach is a unique endeavor that provides the student with fertile grounds for achieving academic success and developing excellent clinical skills. In the clinical setting, I foster a place in which the students can reflect on their lived experiences and explore/challenge/cultivate their knowledge of how families can function and their role as a therapist within their client’s system. Then, with the new required knowledge they can make their first steps in creating space for a new systemic understanding. In the classroom, I meet the students where they are by applying a variety of teaching methods to account for heterogeneity in each individual learning style and strategy. 

Outside Interests

In my aim of expanding the field of MFT, I also conduct several workshops, provide CEUs, and volunteer clinical supervision in collaboration with experts in the field for many American and European family therapists (e.g., Canada, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Romania, and other countries). Similarly, for more than a decade I have been applying a systemic therapy orientation in working with individuals, couples, and families who are facing conflicts and challenges from all backgrounds. 

Codina Fayed



  • NCFR


  • PhD - Human Development, and Family Sciences, Couple and Family Therapy Specialization, Ohio State University
  • Master of Science -  Marriage and Family Therapy, Syracuse University
  • Bachelor of Arts - Psychology, Syracuse University