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Rachel Dziuba - Biomathematics and Environmental Science and Sustainability - Spring 2024 Senior Spotlight

May 02, 2024

Rachel Dziuba
Major: Biomathematics and Environmental Science and Sustainability
Campus Activities: PALs (CDP PenPals), Student Government Association (SGA; Director of Records and Finance, Vice President, President), Sigma Zeta Honor Society, Women's Soccer (Captain), EcoJedi grant program (Environmental Science Writing Fellow), NextGen grant program (summer internship with the USDA Farm Loan Program)

Impact of OLLU: OLLU has impacted my life on so many levels. OLLU has shown me the importance of the community you surround yourself with. That community for me includes my teammates, roommates, and co-workers. These are people who I know I can always lean on for support. Additionally, OLLU has shown me the importance of service in every single industry, especially in environmental science. I am extremely grateful for my time at OLLU and for my opportunity to go out into the world with an OLLU experience.

An important life lesson learned: The biggest life lesson that I have learned here is that you win some and you lose some. Sometimes people won't listen to you or won't like you, but as long as you are rooted in your values and faith, you'll be just fine.

Plans for the future: I have been accepted to the Professional Science Master’s Program in Environmental Analysis at Rice University. My degree in biomathematics and environmental science and sustainability creates the perfect foundation for the Environmental Analysis program at Rice University. I am looking forward to starting my master’s degree at Rice, and I will likely begin working in the environmental industry after the program. Ultimately, I hope that I can take all the experiences I have had here at OLLU to make a positive impact on the world.