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Tijana Kruta - Business Management - Spring 2022 Senior Spotlight

Apr 28, 2022

Tijana Kruta

Major: Business Management

Campus Activities and Achievements: Volleyball is my main activity outside the classroom. My work-study position at Events Services provided me with amazing experiences, such as building OLLU’s award-winning Fiesta Flambeau Parade float.

Impact of OLLU: OLLU has impacted my life in many aspects, but most importantly it gave me an unforgettable college experience and lifelong friends and memories. I am very thankful for the esteemed faculty members who have provided me with wonderful guidance throughout these four years. 

As an international student, I feel the best part of it all is that I got lucky enough to choose a school with a community so cohesive that it feels like home, 10,000 miles away from home. I love how diverse San Antonio is and my favorite cultural tradition here is Thanksgiving.

An important life lesson: Distance means nothing when you are surrounded by the right people.

Plans for the future: I have been accepted into the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program here at OLLU. I hope to translate the lessons learned here into an international work setting.