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Keivan Perry - Computer Information Systems and Security - Spring 2022 Senior Spotlight

Apr 28, 2022

Keivan Perry

Major: Computer Information Systems and Security with a minor in Economics

Campus Activities and Achievements: National Society of Leadership and Success, President of Cybersaints, School of Business and Leadership Information Technology Assistant Work-Study, and OLLU ITS Advisory Council

Impact of OLLU: Our Lady of the Lake University has impacted my life in many ways that I never thought possible. It has granted me the opportunity to become the first person to graduate out my family, given me lifelong friendships, and has instilled a sense of purpose and helped shape the individual that I am today.

An important life lesson: The biggest lesson that I have learned throughout my time here at OLLU, is to not be afraid to make mistakes as it allows you to get outside your comfort zone. We should all strive for progress not perfection as this allows us the chance to truly enjoy the journey and realize the importance of perseverance in life.

Plans for the future: With my degree and experiences from OLLU, I hope to apply what I have learned throughout this journey and allow it to become a part of my very own elixir that consists of dedication, significance, and importance. My time has finally arrived, and I am ready to make a difference in the world! Upon graduation I will be working at Wells Fargo as an auditor, and I am very excited about this next chapter of my journey. Additionally, I have been accepted into graduate school at Our Lady of the Lake University for a master’s in Cybersecurity!