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Jeremy Falkner -- Mass Communication - Fall 2022 Senior Spotlight

Dec 07, 2022

Jeremy Falkner
Major: Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and minoring in Professional and Technical Writing
Campus Activities: Served as Editor in Chief for the Lake Front student newspaper; SVA Vice President; Work Study Student in Athletics/Sports Information 

Impact of OLLU: OLLU has made a huge impact on me. I would not be graduating if it were not for the relationships I built with my professors, who allowed me the schedule flexibility as I was going through certain things in life as a nontraditional student. Being able to have the relationships with the faculty that I did it made it easier to seek mentorship when needed.

An important lesson learned: Coming from the Army where I was a mechanic, OLLU taught me a lot and how to think outside the box more. The classes in the Mass Communication department and working in the Sports Information Department really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and looking back, I am grateful for it because I would not be able to do the job I am doing now if I hadn't been pushed the way I was.

Plans for the future: I was recently hired as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the veteran nonprofit Heroes Sports, where I plan to take the organization to new levels and help save even more veteran lives through our programs.