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Brisa Gonzales -- Finance - Fall 2022 Senior Spotlight

Dec 06, 2022

Brisa Gonzales 
Major: Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance 
Campus Activities: Tennis Team

Impact of OLLU: OLLU has made a huge impact on me. I feel throughout the past three and a half years, my mentality has changed drastically for the better, which can be attributed to being a student at OLLU.

An important lesson learned: An important lesson I’ve learned being a part of OLLU is not to take any moment for granted. Life takes several turns, and because of this, every moment, no matter how small or big, should be cherished.

Plans for the future: My plan after graduation is to stay in San Antonio. In January, I will be working at Beneficent Financial, which is a financial services company, as an Investment Advisor.