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Klarissa Siebert - Biology - Fall 2021 Senior Spotlight

Dec 02, 2021

Klarissa Siebert 
Major: Biology with a minor in Mexican American Studies 
Campus Activities and Achievements: Honors Program, Vice President of the Multicultural Alliance for Peace in Society (MAPS), an IFCC Work-Study Activity Assistant since 2019, and Community Service Volunteer  
Impact of OLLU: OLLU has provided me with important faculty and staff connections, a basis for my future career and educational endeavors, and an opportunity for a unique and liberating experience from the Center for Mexican American Studies and Research program. 
An important life lesson: Never forget where you come from or who you are and use your privileges to change the lives of others. Creating connections and important relationships is crucial for becoming a thriving leader. 
Plans for the future: I hope to continue my education at graduate and/or medical school and will use my experiences to better serve myself and my community. I will be applying to graduate school in the coming months.