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Message from President Melby on violence in Capitol

Jan 07, 2021

We are instruments of Providence

Dear OLLU Community,

I am writing to you after a day of violence in our nation’s Capitol. In the face of all the upheaval, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, discouraged; and yes, even fearful. During yesterday’s university prayer service in Sacred Heart Chapel, the hymn “Be Not Afraid” reminded me that there are forces much greater than the trials of humankind at work.

As members of the Our Lady of the Lake University community, we are reminded that we are blessed by God’s providence; that God will provide for us what we need to execute our mission. But we must also remember that we are the instruments of that providence; that we are called on to execute our mission in God’s service.

Each of us, whether student, faculty, staff, alumni or friend, has been called to OLLU for a greater purpose. And it is through education that we will fulfill that purpose. But what does it mean to be educated? It means that we are relentless in the pursuit of not just information but more importantly, in the nurturance of wisdom.

And an OLLU education calls us to that purpose even more because it sits on the foundation of the social justice heritage of the Sisters of Divine Providence. It imparts the wisdom of the Sisters and fuels your spirit to work for justice.

In the face of all turmoil, I want you to know that your university stands with you. Do not be afraid. Here you will find a peaceful place to quiet your heart and renew your spirit. A community filled with people who offer support in times of need. An environment where your voice can be heard, ideas can be exchanged, differences are respected, and equality and justice are in the DNA passed to us from the Sisters.

Diane E. Melby
President, Our Lady of the Lake University