Welcome! Career Services offers resources for your student in his or her search for a career. We start during freshman year with assessments that can help your student narrow the choices of a major, or determine if the major already selected is a good fit.

We can help with finding internship opportunities to get experience in particular career fields while your student is still in school. The internship experience can help confirm a career choice as well as help your student starting building his/her resume.

We also help with job search-related topics. From writing a resume to interviewing tips, we coach students through their job search steps. We can offer your student a mock interview to assess strengths and areas of growth. We can also provide coaching on negotiating the job offer, on networking and on targeting appropriate job leads.

Career Services hosts job fairs, graduate school fairs, internship/summer job fairs and job search-related workshops. We also maintain a database of job listings submitted by employers.

If you think your student can benefit from any of our services, have him or her stop by our offices to meet with us. We appreciate your help in making students aware of what we can do for them!

Some of our resources that you might find interesting:

What Can I Do With This Major….

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