Who can use Get It 4 Me?

We offer this service to currently enrolled OLLU students, faculty, staff and members of the CDP.

All borrowers must be in good standing in order to use Get It 4 Me. Anyone with fines over the $10 limit noted in our Circulation Policies will be asked to make a payment to reduce or remove the fines owed before requests will be processed.

What does Get It 4 Me provide you?

It includes traditional interlibrary loan: you may request books, journal articles, documents, microforms, dissertations/theses, music scores, and media/audiovisual materials not owned by the Sueltenfuss Library.

It includes electronic delivery of article-length copies: you may request a PDF copy from journals, books, microforms, and other texts owned by the Sueltenfuss Library

It includes book retrieval: you may request books to be retrieved from the Sueltenfuss Library’s book shelves and held at the library’s Circulation Desk for you to pick up. If you are enrolled in OLLU’s online programs (Engage or Lake Online) or at the La Feria or The Woodlands campuses, the items will be mailed to the requester’s home address. Postage and a return mailing label will be included to mail the items back to the Sueltenfuss Library.

What does it cost?

The service is free. However, some items requested via interlibrary loan, especially dissertations, have few lending libraries, which may leave no borrowing option other than pay a lending charge. You will be consulted before we incur charges that will be passed along to you.

What cannot be requested?

We will not scan an entire book.

Any article or chapter that exceeds 50 pages will be scanned as time permits.

We will not scan items on Reserve.

Media/audiovisual materials will only be retrieved for students, faculty and staff at La Feria, The Woodlands, and students enrolled in online programs (Engage or Lake Online). These items will be mailed to the requester’s home address along with return postage and mailing label.

How many requests can I submit per day?

You may submit no more than 10 requests per day. Requests beyond 10 will be processed after other users’ requests have been processed.

How long does it take to receive a requested item?

For items held by the Sueltenfuss Library, it generally takes 2 working days for the PDF to be sent to you or the book retrieved from the library’s book shelves. For items not held by the Sueltenfuss Library, we use interlibrary loan. Typically, we receive requested items in 3-10 days, but it depends on the number of potential lenders and how quickly they respond. We urge you to request needed materials well ahead of time, and on the interlibrary loan request form that you give a date after which you can no longer use the item. We will cancel any requests that we are unable to fill by your “drop dead” date.

How will I know when the requested item has arrived?

You will be notified by email when the item is ready for pick up at the Circulation Desk or a PDF is ready to access. Books retrieved from the Sueltenfuss Library’s book shelves will be held for 5 days after the date of your notification. Interlibrary loan materials will be held at the Circulation Desk until the due date that is indicated on the email sent to you. PDFs will remain on the server for 30 days after the notification date.

How long can I keep my interlibrary loan item?

The loan period is determined by the lending library, and may be found on the email notification and on the yellow book strap. As a condition for lending materials, a library may place restrictions such LIBRARY USE ONLY, NON-RENEWABLE, or USER’S SIGNATURE REQUIRED. High demand items may have a shorter borrowing period.

How can I renew an interlibrary loan item?

You may either send an email to or call the Circulation Desk (210-434-6711 x2325; outside of 210 area code call 1-800-846-4085). Provide the interlibrary loan transaction number on the yellow strap of the interlibrary loan item. Contact us prior to the due date. We will inform you of the new due date. If our renewal request is denied, then you must return the item to the Circulation Desk by the original due date.

Are there fines for overdue, lost or damaged items?

Late return of material can jeopardize the Sueltenfuss Library’s ability to borrow from other libraries in the future. Lending libraries may send charges for overdue, lost, and damaged items to the Sueltenfuss Library. You will be responsible for paying these charges.

Why am I blocked from using Get It 4 Me?

You will be blocked from using Get It 4 Me if you fail to return an interlibrary loan one week past its due date.

Anyone with fines over the $10 limit noted in our Circulation Policies will be asked to make a payment to reduce or remove the fines owed before requests will be processed.

Why are some of the pages of my article upside-down or sideways?

Sometimes pages are scanned upside-down. If the print volume of a journal is small enough for two pages to fit onto one 8.5 x 11 page, then the article may be scanned sideways. You can rotate pages in a copy of a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

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