Career Planning Kuder Journey
Journey is a complete computer-based career information and planning system, designed to meet the career and educational needs of students. Journey consists of four components.

Learn About Self and Career: This area allows you to assess your interests, skills, and abilities by completing three inventories.

Choose Occupations: This area contains information about over 500 occupations.

Plan My Education: This area assists students with identifying majors or programs of study, identifying institutions, and finding sources of financial aid. This database contains lengthy descriptions of 270 majors.

Plan for Work: This area provides information about apprenticeships, internships, and the military as well as information pertaining to the job search, such as resume writing and interviewing.

Visit Career Services to utilize this program - you will need an access code to utilize this online resource. An appointment is not necessary, however it is suggested that you schedule one after the completion of the interests, skills, and abilities inventories for a thorough interpretation of the results.

Exploration by Major
Find careers associated with various majors.

Don’t forget Journey
as a resources as well as our library collection.

Internships are a great way to gain experience in a particular field. They often lead to professional, full-time employment upon graduation. They also provide an opportunity to build your networking skills and look great on the resume. This is a wonderful way to find out whether or not a particular career matches your expectations.

Register with 
Connect OLLU to find out about current internship opportunities.

Participating in volunteer activities is another way to gain experience and make a difference in the community, not to mention a resume builder.

Visit the 
Office of Service-Learning and Volunteerism to gain additional information about the opportunities that exist.

Interview Person in the Field
Many students find it helpful to interview a person that works in their field of interest, perhaps even shadowing them for the day. Professionals in the field are able to provide insight into areas that may not be covered in books, but gained only from real life experience. Remember, however that this is one person’s perception. Make your own judgments based on all information gathered.

Join Organizations/Clubs
Another great item to include on your resume is memberships and affiliations with organizations or clubs to show employers that you were involved in extracurricular activities, not just academics. This also indicates to employers that you are able to work in a team or group environment. Employers will also be impressed if you held any leadership roles such as a coordinator of a project or if you were elected an officer.

Campus Activities to learn more about the opportunities that exist on campus.

Mentor Program
In partnership with the Lake’s Alumni Office, Career Services provides an opportunity for students to be matched with alumni and employer representatives to gain knowledge about various career fields. Such opportunities include:

Mentor Program
Students are paired with a mentor who has committed to meet with the student once a week, over a semester. This may include a shadowing opportunity where the student is able to accompany the mentor to their place of employment to observe a typical day at work.

Shadowing Program
Students may prefer an opportunity, requiring less commitment, such as the shadowing program. Students may select to meet once with a mentor for an interview. This is an opportunity to ask a professional in the field specific questions about their work. This may take place at the mentor’s place of business.

At times, students will be able to take advantage of workshops or discussion panels, covering various careers, provided by professionals in the field.

Students may register for a mentoring opportunity by registering with 
Connect OLLU. For more information, contact Career Services.

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