Christine M. Carmichael, PhD, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor of Communications Disorders


  • PhD - University of Florida
Contact Information:
Office: Harry Jersig Center, Room 121-B
Telephone: 210-434-6711, ext. 2402


  • Carmichael, C.M. (2013). LSVT Improves Loudness and Pitch in Puberphonia.
  • Carmichael, C.M. & Ruddy, B. (2010). Respiratory Function and Self-Perceived Voice Handicap in Patients with Parkinson's Disease. Tejas, 32:35-45.
  • Silverman, E.P., Sapienza, C.M., Saleem, A., Carmichael, C., Davenport, P.W., Hoffman-Ruddy, B., Okun, M.S. (2006). Tutorial on maximum inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures in individuals with idiopathic Parkinson disease (IPD) and the preliminary results of an expiratory muscle strength training program. Neurorehabilitation. 21(1): 71-79.
  • Carmichael, C.M. (2005). Instrumental Assessment of Respiratory and Laryngeal Function in Patients with Neurological Disorders. Invited paper, ASHA Special Interest Division 3, Voice and Voice Disorders.
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