Teresita Munguia, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

  • PhD, Materials Science and Engineering - University of Texas at El Paso
Contact Info:
Office: Metz Hall, Room 210
Phone: 210-434-6711, ext. 8175
Email: tmunguia@ollusa.edu


Munguia, T.; Bakir, Z. A.; Cervantes-Lee, F.; Pannell, K. H. The Utility of NADA (Sodium Diisopropylamide): Formation of a New Transition Metallate via Silyl Migration Chemistry, [(η5-Me3SiC5H4)Fe(CO)(PPh3)]-Na+ (SiPFpNa) and Resulting Thermal Rearrangements of new Complexes SiPFp-CH2SiMe2R (R = H, SiMe3) to SiPFp-SiMe2CH2R.  Organometallics, 2009, 28, 5777.

Munguia, T.; Lopez-Cardoso, M.; Cervantes-Lee, F.; Pannell, K. H. Intramolecular Chalcogen-Tin Interactions in (o-MeECĀ­6H4)CH2SnPh3-nCln; E = S, O, Characterized by X-Ray Diffraction and 119Sn Solution and Solid State NMR.  Inorganic Chemistry, 2007, 46(4), 1305.

Munguia, T.; Cervantes-Lee, F.; Parkanyi, L.; Pannell, K. H. in Modern Aspects of Main Group Chemistry  No. 917.  Lattman, M. and Kemp, R.A. Ed. American Chemical Society; Washington D. C. 2005, pg. 421Ch 30: Organometallic Tin-Sulfur Intramolecular Interactions: An Overview of Current and Past Compounds and the Biological Implications of Sn---S Interactions.

Munguia, T.; Pavel, I.S.; Kapoor, R.N.; Cervantes-Lee, F.; Parkanyi, L.; Pannell, K.H.  Lewis Acidity of Group 14 Elements Toward Intramolecular Sulfur in Ortho-aryl-thioanisoles. Can. J. Chem. 2003, 81, 1388.

Munguia, T.; Smith, Charles A. Surface Tension Determination through Capillary Rise and Laser Diffraction Patterns. J. Chem. Ed. 2001, 78, 343.
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