A commonality among individuals who seek a career in social work is a commitment to "making a difference." If you desire a traditional or non-traditional career and want to work with people where conflict resolution is vital, you will find the educational experience at the Worden School of Social Service challenging, innovative and oriented to a rapidly changing society.

Many people choose social work because of currently existing positions in social agencies that require advanced training. Other students desire a career in social work settings in the public or private sector. A number of students who are uncertain about their career paths or who may not want to work in traditional social agencies find the learning experience at the Worden School has prepared them for future work in resolving situations that require a high level of skill in working with people. 

The Worden School can help prepare students for careers in traditional social service settings such as public welfare, child protective services, forensic social work settings within the legal system, mental health settings, family service settings, employment in medical settings, work in state and local legislatures, employee assistance programs, private practice and school social work. There are numerous employment opportunities in the social service field. 

Students with less traditional career paths have found an education from the Worden School prepared them for work in mediation, lobbying, public relations and marketing, human resource management, community development, political activism, organizing neighborhoods and groups of oppressed people, organizational development and change, and a variety of positions that become more and more dependent upon people trained to resolve interpersonal conflict.

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