Continuing Education Workshop:
One Appointment at a Time

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Friday, Oct. 4, 2013
9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Monte Bobele, PhD and Arnie Slive, PhD
This workshop will present a unique model for providing counseling services that takes advantage of clients’ readiness for change. Researchers have found that psychotherapy is most effective when begun at the point that clients are most motivated to change, and that point is when they call to initiate services. However, many current models of service delivery unintentionally place barriers between clients and service providers. We will present a model that provides services to clients at the moment that they decide they are ready for change.

Researchers have also found that clients benefit most from psychotherapy in the early stages of therapy. They have also found that the modal number of sessions that clients attend therapy is one. A Single Session at a Time approach to therapy capitalizes on client motivation. The workshop will present the assumptions that underlie single-session therapy that can be applied within a variety of theoretical orientations. Guidelines for conducting sessions to achieve a positive outcome in a single session will be demonstrated.

Participants will learn:
• How to set up a session for maximum effectiveness in the hour available
• How to apply what we know about the common factors in change,
• How to set achievable goals for a single session of therapy
• The ethical and professional issues in single session therapy

Location: Providence Hall, Blue Room
Cost: Professionals $40, Students $10, OLLU students $5 

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